Idaho: RINOs Blocking Stand-Your-Ground Expansion!

I still remember watching him collapse into the chair.

Like virtually every other gun owner in America, I watched the Kyle Rittenhouse trial very closely.

After all, it was clear from the video that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense.

But that didn’t stop a white, self-loathing liberal prosecutor from doing everything he could to put Rittenhouse in prison for decades — on orders from the liberal media.  

So when the judge announced his innocence, and Rittenhouse collapsed in relief, I was happy. But I was also furious. Rittenhouse never should have been in that position.   

But because Wisconsin has weak self-defense laws, Kyle Rittenhouse had to fight for his freedom in court…wondering for almost two years whether or not he would rot in prison.

Sadly, the same legal loopholes exist here in Idaho, too.

Our self-defense laws are better than Wisconsin, it’s true. But if you are forced to use your firearm in the wrong county — you’ll get charged just like Kyle Rittenhouse did. 

That’s why it’s urgent you sign the petition that I have prepared for you.


You see, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has been working all session long to plug the gaps with our Stand-Your-Ground law through Senate Bill 1004.

The bill is being sponsored by gun rights champion and State Senator Scott Herndon. More than that, it has almost a dozen co-sponsors in the Senate and 22 in the House!

But that’s not enough for State Affairs Committee Chairman Jim Guthrie. Guthrie is doing everything he can to keep the bill from coming up for a vote and is trying to force the other members of the committee to stay ‘in line.’

Here’s the details.

Thanks to ISAA members like you, Idaho does have Stand-Your-Ground law. We are not required to retreat before using reasonable force in a self-defense situation.

The problem is that if you draw your handgun, let alone discharge it, you are presumed guilty. That means you’ll be forced to prove your innocence in court.


In dozens of other states across the country gun owners are presumed innocent in the wake of a shooting, forcing the government to prove your guilt in court.

The difference is massive! 

So if you make the mistake of daring to defend yourself in one of Idaho’s blue counties (like Blaine, Bannock, or Kootenai to name a few) the Prosecuting Attorney could easily indict you!

That’s why the ISAA is working so hard to pass Senate Bill 1004. Once signed into law, this legislation would:

  1. Create the presumption of innocence for everyone in Idaho who uses (or threatens to use) a firearm in a justifiable self-defense situation. 

    Dozens of states already have this law on the books, including California. It’s time Idaho does, too. 

  2. Provide Idahoans with an enactment clause for Stand-Your-Ground law, so that gun owners can invoke these protections BEFORE they are put through the misery of a criminal trial.

    Stand-Your-Ground laws don’t do much good for gun owners if we can only invoke them on appeal. At that point, your reputation has been destroyed, you’re likely bankrupt from legal fees, and your family has suffered a great deal.
  3. Require the state/county to cover the legal fees of gun owners who are found ‘Not Guilty’ in court for a justifiable use of force situation. 

    Woke prosecutors would be far slower to bring bogus charges if the county must pay the legal fees if they lose in court!

When we pass this legislation, Idaho will have the best self-defense law in the nation, and law-abiding gun owners won’t have to worry about being prosecuted for the ‘crime’ of defending themselves ever again!

But first, we need to pass SB-1004 into law. And that starts with RINO-Chairman Jim Guthrie moving the bill through his committee.


After you sign your petition, you’ll be given the opportunity to make a donation, to help ISAA crank up the heat in Boise!

Your support will help us:

  • Produce and deploy hard-hitting digital and social media ads in targeted Senate districts across the state, ensuring that gun owners know exactly who is blocking SB-1004! 

    These ads are extremely cost-efficient because gun owners can share these ads on social media, greatly expanding their reach.

  • Increase the size of our email and direct mail programs to mobilize ISAA members and other gun owners! One of the main benefits of these programs is that they are uncensorable! 

    And our unrivaled email program allows gun owners to put pressure on their State Representative and State Senator with just a few mouse clicks!

  • Prepare targeted radio ad campaigns that we can unveil as needed, to crank up the heat at a moment’s notice! 

    While these programs are expensive, nothing activates large numbers of gun owners quicker than a radio ad blitz. But these ads must be prepared and paid for in advance!

This program has one purpose: to make sure that Chairman Guthrie and every politician in Boise know that gun owners will hold them accountable if they block Senate Bill 1004.

It shouldn’t be so hard to pass pro-gun bills in ‘Red’ Idaho.

But the Idaho legislature isn’t run by conservatives, it’s run by RINOs. And so while we do have pro-gun champions here, like Scott Herndon, he’s the exception, not the rule.

The truth is that every time we’ve expanded gun rights here in Boise it was after a knock-down, drag out, political battle.

Constitutional Carry, our original Stand-Your-Ground law, the expansion of the Second Amendment Preservation Act, lowering the age on when gun owners can carry firearms — none of these came easy!

Expanding Stand-Your-Ground will be the same thing.

So please, after you sign your petition, please consider a donation of $75, $100 or even $250 so we can crank up the heat!

I know that’s a lot, more than you’ve given before.

But Idaho is at a crossroads. We can all feel it.

Either gun owners will hold fast, punish the politicians who want to betray us, and right the ship…or our state will turn blue.

So if you can’t afford a gift of $75 or more, then I hope you’ll consider a donation of $50, $25, or at least $17.76.

The amount of your gift is entirely up to you.

But please don’t hesitate. Sign your petition and then make a donation of any amount IMMEDIATELY!

For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. Senator Scott Herndon, along with almost 35 other legislators here in Boise, are fighting for Senate Bill 1004, ISAA’s bill to expand the state’s Stand-Your-Ground law!

This legislation would ensure that gun owners here in Idaho can’t be charged with murder just because they defended themselves against a violent criminal.

The bill is stuck in the State Affairs Committee where Chairman Jim Guthrie is trying to kill it! Please sign your petition telling Guthrie to stop blocking this bill right away!


After you’ve signed your petition, please make a donation to help ISAA crank up the heat in Boise, before it’s too late.