Idaho Second Amendment Alliance Under Attack!

When you are over the target you start taking flak as they say.

The gun owners with the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance have proven extremely effective at exposing gun grabbers who wear sheep’s clothing.

Gun owners have successfully removed several long-term incumbent legislators, defeated gun control, passed Constitutional Carry, and exposed other gun-grabbing candidates running for office.

It is because of your efforts that the ISAA has been under attack more than ever this year.

And it isn’t just the radical gun-grabbers that we have to constantly battle. There is also a concerted effort by establishment Republicans to stop your hard work and progress.

Sometimes it is legislators, and other times it is political operatives who would rather Idaho turn into Oregon or Washington.

Recently, a political operative we call Greasy Graf, who has attacked pro-gun legislators like Rep. Christy Zito, Rep. Heather Scott, Rep. Chad Christensen, and others unleashed a series of lies and falsehoods against me.

But remember, whenever they are attacking me personally they are really attacking the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and the hard work that you do to defend gun rights here in Idaho.

Here is just a sample of the lies he is putting on social media and attempting to discredit your efforts.

First, he threatened to sue my family but says he won’t because I’m too poor.

Greasy Graf is apparently frustrated by a video I did exposing his lies with actual evidence that he was deceiving people on social media.

He then followed up that Tweet with a series of attacks against us by posting this doozy:

Apparently, Greasy Graf believes that the ISAA’s influence has peaked, despite this being the biggest year yet for our organization.

You have all proven to be a powerhouse in Idaho politics and this terrifies our enemies.

So, in order to let our enemies know that we aren’t going away, and that we stand together, we are asking for Idaho’s gun owners to complete one more fundraiser by the end of the year.

The goal is to raise $1,000 by the end of the year in honor of Greasy Graf.

If you are willing to chip in $25, $15, or even just $5 to help us reach our goal, it would be greatly appreciated!

You could also really annoy Greasy Graf by donating $100 today.

Or perhaps you can pray for the liberty movement and our efforts to defend the 2nd Amendment. We can’t do any of this without your continuous support.

As you take time tomorrow to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, we want to sincerely thank you for an incredible year.

Next year is going to be monumental and the fight is only going to get more treacherous.

As operatives like Greasy Graf attack me and try to bring down the ISAA, we will fight back and continue to grow.

God speed in your fight to preserve freedom in this blessed state.

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance