Is Lt. Gov. Brad Little Going To Show Up?

There won’t be another event like it for Idaho’s gun owners.

With Governor Butch Otter retiring next year, a new Governor will take his place.

Is your candidate for Governor a solid 2nd Amendment supporter?

Does your candidate intend to stand before Idaho citizens and defend his/her position on gun rights?

Our Gubernatorial 2nd Amendment Forum next year is designed to give voters an up close and personal look at where their candidate stands on 2nd Amendment issues!

What’s more, YOU have the opportunity to attend this event in person!

You can grab a front row seat to the most historic gun rights event ever held in Idaho — more on that in just a second.

We all know that every Gubernatorial candidate is going to hit the campaign trail over the next year and tell you how much they love the 2nd Amendment.

But we also know that once they are safely in office they ignore the promises they made.

Gun owners have grown tired of these “same old” promises that are never fulfilled.

That’s why you guys have changed everything in the last few years.

You weren’t happy with legislator after legislator promising to fight for your gun rights, but then refusing to push Constitutional Carry forward.

In 2016 that all changed because gun owners mobilized in massive numbers to push Constitutional Carry over the finish line.

Now we have a chance to find out where Gubernatorial Candidates stand on 2nd Amendment issues such as “Stand-Your-Ground” and “Castle Doctrine.”

We invited all major candidates to the event back in June of this year. We gave them a deadline of August 31st, 2017 to either accept or decline our invitation. 

The event will take place on February 20th, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at the Nampa Civic Center.

The following candidates have been invited to the event:

        Congressman Raul Labrador  Accepted
        Dr. Tommy Ahlquist         Accepted
        Lt. Gov. Brad Little          ?

We have been reaching out to Lt. Governor Little’s campaign and have not yet received an answer to our invitation.

>>>     Now we need you to call the Lt. Governor’s         campaign line and tell him to immediately accept         our invitation by calling 208-345-8356.

>>>     Then, make sure to get your ticket to the event         by donating at least $10 today!
        Only 630 seats will be available for this event!

>>>     Even if you do not wish to attend the vent in         person, we are looking for supporters to help         fund this monumental event so please consider a         donation of $25 or even just $10 today!

The next Idaho Governor needs to lead on gun issues and more importantly, they need to stand before you and tell you exactly how they intend to do it!

We look forward to seeing you at the event so make sure to get your ticket today.

Thank you!

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. Out of the 3 candidates that have been invited to the 2nd Amendment Gubernatorial Forum next year, only Lt. Gov. Brad Little has yet to respond.

Congressman Raul Labrador and Dr. Tommy Ahlquist have accepted our invitation to showcase their 2nd Amendment stances to Idaho voters!

Make sure to call Lt. Gov. Little today at 208-345-8356 and tell him you want him at the event.

Finally, make sure to get your ticket to the event today by donating at least $10 to help this 2nd Amendment Forum take place.

Thank you!