ISAA Freedom Tour Starts in One Week!

“I can’t wait for the tour to come to my town!”

We are hearing more and more from gun owners across Idaho who are excited about the upcoming Idaho Second Amendment Alliance’s Freedom Tour which kicks off on September 24th.

With radical leftists mobilizing in Idaho to upend the freedoms and values that we hold dear, it’s time for gun owners to mobilize and ensure that our right to keep and bear arms remains protected.

Too many gun owners feel comfortable here in Idaho.

Too many think that Idaho is immune from the collapses of freedom we have seen in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

Those gun owners would be wrong.

Now I know that you and I understand the dangers that we face as a state with the rise of these radical progressives, but we must get more gun owners involved in this fight.

That’s why we are going on the Freedom Tour starting just one week from today!

Our goal is to reach out to as many gun owners as possible to get them involved in the fight.

We hope that you will join us for an event in your area.

A list of the events and their start times are listed at the link here:

We will be stopping in the following locations:

Orofino, Grangeville, Lewiston, Athol, Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry, Mt. Home, Twin Falls, Preston, Blackfoot, and Idaho Falls

You can click on the link above for more details on locations and times. If you are on Facebook then please use the “Invite” tool to invite as many family members, friends, and neighbors to those events as possible.

If you wish to pitch in a little bit of cash to help cover the costs of the Freedom Tour you can do so using the link here:

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett

P.S. We will have ISAA shirts, hats, and more swag at the events!