ISAA Launches Come and Take It Tour! Critical Information Inside!

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has launched our Come And Take It tour.

The tour will cover 22 cities, culminating in a massive rally at the Idaho Capitol Building on October 14th! Now is the time to stand up for the right to keep and bear arms as Joe Biden, Congress, and even the Idaho Supreme Court are targeting the 2nd Amendment.

We know that October 14th is opening day for hunters. The 14th was the only weekend the ISAA could make this rally work. While we know opening day is when many gun owners like to kick off hunting season, we are asking you to join us at the capitol and push your hunting time to a weekend after that. Now is the time for gun owners to stand up and fight back!

You can learn about what cities we will be visiting, the dates, times, and venues at! (Please note that we are still planning many of these rallies but the site will be updated as new information becomes available.)

How can you help the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance spread the word about our tour?

Share the Rumble video below with as many gun owners as possible. The video has the link to the rally information as well.

Thank you for standing with the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance as we fight to protect and restore the right to keep and bear arms!