ISAA Opposes House Bill 32

After careful research and receiving input from its members and supporters, the ISAA Board of Directors has voted unanimously to oppose House Bill 32.

The preamble of HB32’s Statement of Purpose gives a background that it has been about 10 years since the last fee increase. However, the real reason stated is that the Fish and Game is “encouraging” citizens to buy licenses every year. What HB32 really does is punish hunters and fishermen that take a season off, with higher fees. Even worse, this Fish and Game “encouragement” actually discourages new hunters and fishermen, who will pay higher fees than sportsmen from last year, simply because they refuse to enter a yearly fee paying program.

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance opposes HB32 as this legislation is based on a bad premise of F&G “encouraging” behavior through arbitrary, unnecessary fee hikes.

We encourage all Idaho citizens to contact the members of the House Resource and Conservation Committee where the bill will be heard and state your opposition to House Bill 32. Their names, emails, and office phone numbers are listed below:

Chairman Representative Dell Raybould (R):332-1173; [email protected]

Vice Chairman Representative Janet Trujillo (R):332-1189; [email protected]

Representative Mike Moyle (R):332-1122; [email protected]

Representative Ken Andrus (R):332-1046; [email protected]

Representative Paul Shepherd (R):332-1067; [email protected]

Representative Fred Wood (R):332-1074; [email protected]

Representative Judy Boyle (R):332-1064; [email protected]

Representative John Vander Woude (R):332-1037; [email protected]

Representative Marc Gibbs (R):332-1042; [email protected]

Representative Steven Miller (R):332-1174; [email protected]

Representative Linden Bateman (R):332-1073; [email protected]

Representative Van Burtenshaw (R):332-1179; [email protected]

Representative Ron Mendive (R):332-1040; [email protected]

Representative Julie VanOrden (R):332-1038; [email protected]

Representative Rick Youngblood (R):332-1059; [email protected]

Representative Mat Erpelding (D):332-1078; [email protected]

Representative Donna Pence (D):332-1032; [email protected]

Representative Ilana Rubel (D):332-1034; [email protected]