ISAA President Denied Entry Into Canyon County Fair for Carrying Firearm!

Dear Site,You won’t believe what transpired right here in Idaho.It was perhaps the most blatant violation of the 2nd Amendment we have ever experienced firsthand. We need Idaho

Dear Site,

You won’t believe what transpired right here in Idaho.

It was perhaps the most blatant violation of the 2nd Amendment we have ever experienced firsthand. 

We need Idahoans everywhere to be prepared for what is happening this summer – – more on that in a moment.

As we get deeper into the summer, citizens across Idaho have begun attending their county fairs. This is a great time for many families, but a very frustrating time for the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.

You see, Idaho’s law (18-3302J) is very clear that cities and counties can NOT prohibit citizens from exercising their 2nd Amendment rights on public property

However, each year we deal with a number of complaints from numerous counties that a citizen is turned away at the gate for carrying a firearm. These violations continue unimpeded due in large part to Idaho’s preemption statute not being strong enough. 

This past Thursday I was tagged in a comment on Facebook from a friend who informed me that her bag was searched at the gate entering the Canyon County Fair. Security informed her that she could not carry a weapon at the Fair.

This is a direct violation of the Preemption statute. 

Because the fairgrounds are very close to my home, I decided to go down and see for myself what was occurring with the private scrutiny company who was telling citizens they could not carry inside the fair.

Our Chairman, Seth Rosquist, came along to serve as the cameraman for the incident. 

Generally, I would not open carry at an event like this but in order to find out if security really was going to stop us from entering, I put on my Sunday best and open carried to the event.

What transpired next was a private security company at the event denying us entry because we were exercising our 2nd Amendment rights!

Unfortunately for them, we knew the law and we knew what they are allowed, and not allowed to do. 

But rather than me explaining it to you in an email, we have uploaded the entire video to YouTube for you to watch for yourself. You will be shocked at what transpires.

You can watch the video by clicking on the link here or on the image below.

(ISAA President Greg Pruett speaking with security at Canyon County Fair.)

While security claimed I was trespassing, and that they were going to call the police, I calmly informed them of what the law actually says and eventually they backed down!

Even though we may have achieved victory in this particular instance, there remains much to be done to understand why this keeps happening. 

We intend to talk to the Sheriff, Commissioners, and Prosecuting Attorney in Canyon County to get to the bottom of this issue. 

You must know your rights as a citizen and assert them!

These battles that we are fighting are not possible without a grassroots army standing beside us.

That’s why we need your help to continue to grow that army. So, what can you do?

1. Be sure to join up with the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance today
2. If you are already a member, please consider a one-time donation of $100, $50, or even $25 to help us with our efforts to mobilize gun owners through our email, social media, and direct mail programs. 
3. Finally, we are asking that everyone share the video above so you understand your rights and how to calmly and feverishly defend them.

While Bloomberg and the radical left continue their preparations for the takeover of Idaho, it’s time that gun owners continue our mobilization efforts across the state.

We want to thank you all for your support and prayers in this fight. None of this is possible without you.


Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. It isn’t every day that we have a direct encounter with security officers who deny us our rights in violation of state law. But that’s exactly what happened to me and ISAA Chairman Seth Rosquist two days ago!

Check out the video of the confrontation here.

Idahoans must know their rights and how to defend them. 

Help us continue our mobilization efforts by joining the ISAA today, and if you are already a member then please consider a one-time donation to the ISAA. 

None of these victories are possible without your help so we appreciate your prayers and support!

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