ISAA Under Attack Once Again!

It’s election season and we are facing one of the craziest years ever as an organization.

With the Chinese Coronavirus upending Idaho’s election process, things are going to be different this year.

What isn’t going to be different is the attacks that we expect from the establishment and even some against me personally.

First, we want to make sure that gun owners are aware of some crucial information for voting.

I personally wrote an article on the absentee ballot information and what you need to know BEFORE your ballot is returned.

You can read that here:

Remember, every single person who wishes to vote in the May 19th Primary must vote through an absentee ballot. You must request your ballot by May 19th.

The article above contains the links necessary to request a ballot.

Second, while we are doing everything we can with the ISAA to keep citizens informed about where candidates stand on gun rights, I am dealing with some personal attacks from one of Idaho’s Representatives.

Rep. Greg Chaney (Caldwell – District 10 – Republican) first shot a video accusing me of being part of an event that I had nothing to do with. He also made false accusations against Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin.

I debunked his lies in an article and asked him to retract his statement.

Sadly, Rep. Chaney is my Representative and his blatant lies against me bordered on defamation.

Yet, he didn’t stop there!

In a follow up post Chaney launched an attack on me personally and the ISAA and said that I needed to get a “real job.”

This unwarranted attack on me was likely because Chaney isn’t aware that I am a disabled veteran from the Iraq War. He probably doesn’t know that I was forced into medical retirement and ran the ISAA for years 100% free!

I am used to attacks from politicians but never did I think it would come from one who was supposed to represent me and who I had voted for in a previous election.

Unfortunately, the attacks didn’t stop with just personal ones from Greg Chaney.

Now, the gun control supporting crowd is filing complaints against the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and saying we aren’t abiding by campaign finance laws.

We have dealt with these issues before and I suppose it should just be routine that they are going to keep coming after us just like they come after President Trump.

The establishment just hopes that something sticks and they can try to bring down the hard work of so many thousands of grassroots gun owners.

This tells us one thing and one thing only, they fear what the ISAA is becoming.

You see, many leftist and establishment groups are funded by several wealthy people. The ISAA has no such funding.

We rely on the generosity of Idaho’s gun owners to keep us going.

It is unclear at this time where this issue will go but I feel confident that the ISAA has complied with all laws just as we have always done.

We’ll have more to come in the days to come on this issue.

Just know that while the ISAA continues to take attack after attack from the radical left and phony conservatives on the right, we are doing everything we can to defend the 2nd Amendment.

For that, we will never apologize and we will never give up!

Thank you for your continued support.

For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance