Just 3 Days Until Election Day! Survey Results Inside!



Dear Site,                     November 15th, 2018  

This mid-term election was about gun control and so much more.

Gun grabbers outspent pro-gun advocates for the first time in 20 years. Many gun grabbing candidates made clear they wanted more gun control.

The traditional campaign strategy of lying to voters and hiding their gun control agenda went out the window with most candidates, including those in redder states like Idaho.

And now that the election is over, gun grabbers in Boise are promising another fight for gun control — more on that in a minute!

Elections results went deep into the night and as we patiently waited for the final outcome, one things was for certain, gun control advocates gained some ground on us!

And while their attempt to have a gun control "wave" ultimately failed, they won enough victories that gun owners should take notice.

Ironically, even though Parkland was the epicenter of the gun control fight, and David Hogg and the rest of the gun control crowd promised “victory” across the country, they didn’t win in Florida.

They failed in their own state and they are now desperately trying to steal the election.

You see, despite their efforts and vast amount of resources spent, gun owners largely thwarted gun grabber’s efforts to win in deep red states.

Americans are tired of gun grabbers telling them they need to give up their 2nd Amendment rights for a false sense of security.

That’s why the ISAA wants to make sure you are aware of their plans to push gun control in Boise in 2019.

Earlier this year the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance defeated gun control in Boise by a narrow vote of 31-39.

This was far closer than many expected it would be.

The Idaho legislature only has 11 Democrats which means that 20 Republicans also voted for the gun control measure (H.B. 585) and now they want to try it again!

Never mind that gun owners have been tossing out numerous anti-gun or weak-kneed politicians for years, they haven’t learned their lesson.

Paul Romrell, John Rusche, Rich Wills, Julie Van Orden, Tom Loertscher and more toyed with gun owners rights and they lost their re-election bids in the last few years.

Tom Loertscher, a seasoned politician of 32 years and Chairman of the powerful House State affairs committee lost twice this year!

First, he lost to Chad Christensen in the primary in May. Then he lost again the in the general election write-in campaign he waged. Gun owners were tired of him blocking solid pro-gun legislation.

In fact, gun owners in Idaho have grown weary of career politicians.

Gun owners in Idaho are tired of the political games that some in the legislature continue to play in opposition to our rights.

And now we are fighting in Idaho of all places to defeat gun control.

That’s why we hope you are readying yourself for a major battle in the capitol this January.

In addition to pushing an expanded Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law, the ISAA is prepping for a fight to kill more gun control that won’t prevent crime from occurring.

Are you ready to help us fight back?

If so, then we need you to do several things right away!

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This is a crucial time in our country and state.

Gun grabbers have moved into Idaho and set up camp in the form of Moms Demand Action — Michael Bloomberg’s front group for gun control.

After the results of the election, and seeing what happened in Oregon and Washington with their gun rights, we can’t rest.

The fight is here.

The fight is now.

Get ready!

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance