Kids Protesting Your Gun Rights In Idaho!

What we witnessed yesterday wasn’t a grassroots movement.

Bloomberg and leftist propaganda groups are mobilized across the country against your gun rights.

You must stand up now, and prepare for the real fight — the 2018 elections. We’ll tell you how in just a moment.

Yesterday, thousands of high school kids across the country walked out of their classrooms to protest “gun violence,” including right here in Idaho.

(High school kids chant against gun rights under the direction of leftist anti-freedom groups in Boise.)

This was heralded by the Fake News Media as a “grassroots” movement by kids.

However, yesterday’s protest wasn’t about the kids, or even led by them.

From the time the Parkland shooting occurred, leftist groups, millionaires and billionaires have been pouring in their gun grabbing money to fight against the 2nd Amendment.

From Planned Parenthood to Indivisible, the same groups, chants, and signs were seen across the country yesterday.

The kids are simply their human shield in this fight.

Because gun grabbers can’t stand toe to toe with gun owners, and argue facts about the 2nd Amendment, they have stooped to new lows and enlisted the help of high schoolers to try and do their dirty work.

Gun grabbers understand that these kids are an emotional tool they can use to try and enact the change they can’t make themselves.

They are doing their best to brainwash our youth into hating freedom, and specifically to hate gun owners.

The reality is, most of these kids just wanted an excuse to skip school. They have no idea that they are being used as pawns in Bloomberg’s political game.

But make no mistake, your 2nd Amendment rights are under attack!

From Florida, to Wisconsin, to Idaho, the 2nd Amendment has a growing list of enemies who are becoming more emboldened and determined to disarm you.

Our enemies want us to be victims.

They want our guns confiscated so they can have a “gun free” utopia that will never exist.

This is no time to rest folks.

People have asked if we are going to hold a “counter rally” to support the 2nd Amendment.

The short answer is, not anytime soon — because we have more pressing matters on our hands.

The primary election season is just around the corner.

We have two months from today to expose Representatives like Tom Loertscher, who has been blocking solid pro-gun legislation for years.

Our bill sponsor, Rep. Christy Zito, is under attack by the establishment for her efforts to push Stand-Your-Ground.

We have to let the voters in Rep. Zito’s district know that she has been a solid defender of gun rights.

And there are many other legislative races that the ISAA intends to get involved in, to help voters understand where their candidates stand on gun rights.

While we may hold a rally in the future once again for the 2nd Amendment, our main priority, and your main priority, should be on helping us get ready for election season!

What can you do to help?

First, we need your help in making our elections program as massive as possible in order to expose politicians who aren’t fighting for your gun rights, as they have promised to do.

So, if you can donate $500 or $250 as some are doing, then we greatly appreciate it!

But we know that times are tough, and a smaller donation of $100, $50, or even just $25 today is just as crucial to our election program.

Second, we need you to forward this email to every gun owner you know in Idaho, so they can help us in this effort.

Finally, make sure you have signed up to follow us on!

The major social media giants (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) continue their assault on conservatives and gun owners, and we have found an alternative social media site for you to follow us.

Click the link here to join us on!

This is a dangerous time for our freedoms, and it is imperative that you remain active in this fight.

Lovers of freedom and our Constitution must remain forever vigilant.

While teenagers are being used as pawns against the 2nd Amendment, use your energy to effect change at the ballot box.

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance