KTVB’s Anti-Gun “Journalist” Targets 2nd Amendment!

Idaho is under attack from the radical left and has been for years.

Before we get to the solution, let’s discuss KTVB’s Brian Holmes and his latest anti-gun tirade.

Gun owners are sick and tired of frauds on TV and in newspapers telling us how to live our lives.

We are tired of fake journalists who attack the 2nd Amendment. It’s particularly annoying when these TV personalities talk about a subject they know nothing about.

For Idaho’s gun owners, a particularly annoying media personality named Brian Holmes from KTVB loves to attack conservatives, and he loves to target the 2nd Amendment.

I recently discussed this issue on the “Freedom Bros podcast” which I co-host with my friend Dustin Hurst.

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You can watch the full video of our Brian Holmes’ anti-gun segment here

On one of Holmes’ most recent episodes of his opinion show, “The 208,” he goes after the 2nd Amendment and any Idaho lawmaker who is an actual conservative.

Holmes made numerous false statements on his show and in the article associated with it. Lying about guns is what the media does though.

For instance, Holmes claims that there have been hundreds and hundreds of mass shootings in the U.S. this year alone.

What Holmes is not telling you is that he is using a very loose definition of “mass shooting” and not one accepted by the F.B.I. Gun grabbers love to use skewed or false statistics to deceive people.


The primary goal of what Holmes is trying to do is to make you think that high-profile public mass shootings, such as the one in Texas recently, are happening every day and if you support the 2nd Amendment then you care about guns more than people.

So, if a gang banger goes to a drug meet-up, shoots four rival gang members and kills one of them, that’s the same thing as a killer going to a shopping mall and killing innocent Americans.

That’s the association Holmes wants you to have in your head. It’s a lie, and one that Holmes wants you to buy into so that you will give up your rights.

Holmes wants you to think that every single day in the United States, high profile mass shootings are happening and that everywhere you go, you need to be afraid.

Additionally, Holmes doesn’t want you to think that mental illness is the problem. No, Holmes wants you to know that the AR-15 is the problem.

Never mind the long-term statistics that show rifles are rarely used in crimes and account for very few of the overall deaths in the U.S. where a firearm is used.

But what Holmes really wanted to do in his attack, was go after conservative state senators in Idaho.

Holmes actually mentions all conservative state senators who voted against budget bills where mental health was part of the bill.

What was more shocking though, was that Holmes actually downplays mental illness as a problem with mass shootings. Yes, you read that correctly.

Holmes cites a study which essentially focuses on individuals who had been diagnosed with severe mental health illnesses and committed a mass shooting.


The truth is that anyone who goes and kills or injures a bunch of innocent people is severely mentally ill, diagnosed or not.

Holmes then says that conservative lawmakers say that mental illness is a problem but they voted against budget bills that deal with mental illness. He is

trying to paint them as conservatives for doing so.

Perhaps they don’t think government is the solution? Perhaps they had other reasons for doing so?

What’s really at play here is 2024 and the overall fight to flip Idaho.

Holmes is using his anti-gun agenda to target lawmakers for the 2024 election cycle. That’s the real goal with this.

In fact, since KTVB is based in the Boise area, it’s no surprise that he goes after Sen. Brian Lenney (R-Nampa) more aggressively.

Lenney was a co-sponsor of our Stand-Your-Ground expansion bill. He’s an outspoken proponent of the 2nd Amendment.

He also unseated a long-time RINO Jeff Agenbroad, who is rumored to be gearing up to try and take his seat back.

By focusing on Lenney, Holmes can target a lawmaker in KTVB’s broadcast range. Why focus on say, Sen. Scott Herndon, who also voted against the budget bills and sponsored Stand-Your-Ground expansion when he is outside of the KTVB broadcast range?

We can expect more left-wing propaganda against the 2nd Amendment, and against actual conservative lawmakers in the coming year. KTVB, the Idaho Statesman, the Idaho Press, and others are going to be on the offensive for liberal Republicans and the Democrat Party.

Idaho’s gun owners have been in this fight for a long time, but liberals in Idaho are more dedicated than ever, and more organized than ever, to turn Idaho into the next Colorado.

If I could help you understand one thing from this email, it’s that nowhere is safe for pro-2nd Amendment Americans.

Even in Idaho, the liberals are doing everything they can to destroy us.

You can’t let them. It’s up to you to stand with us in this fight because we will win with your help.

Join the ISAA today and help us grow so large that liberals don’t even want to move here, and the ones that are here want to leave!


I’ll be working with other incredible Idahoans to preserve our conservative values here in Idaho.

That’s the goal of Keep Idaho Free (hyper keepidahofree.org). It’s separate from the ISAA but takes the fight to the liberals on all fronts.

But ultimately, it comes down to the last line of defense against tyranny, the 2nd Amendment.

So, no matter what you do today, join the ISAA and become a member of Idaho’s most powerful gun rights organization.

For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance