LAST CHANCE: ISAA needs your help to fight in the Supreme Court!

ISAA is just days away from having to finalize the budget we need to take our fight for the Second Amendment into the Idaho State Supreme Court — and we’re still $5,000 under budget!

As you know, ISAA has been engaged in a legal battle with the City of Sandpoint which is trying to circumvent the state’s pre-emption law, by allowing third parties to ban guns on city property.

And if Sandpoint gets away with this, dozens of cities will immediately follow suit and our pre-emption statue won’t be worth the paper it’s written on in Boise!

But before we can proceed with this lawsuit, ISAA needs to pay $20,000 UP FRONT to the court. Recently, we put out the call for assistance to raise these needed funds.

Hundreds of you have stepped up and made very generous contributions. But we need to raise another $5,000, and we need to do it very soon!

Please read the full email below to learn more about this lawsuit and what is at stake for gun owners here in Idaho. Then I hope you’ll agree to an immediate donation so ISAA can fight back in the Idaho Supreme Court!  


 Thank you for standing with us!

— Greg



Over the last five years, 80 different municipalities across the state of Idaho have tried to violate Idaho’s pre-emption law and enact local gun control ordinances of their own.

And each time, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance was there, forcing them to follow state law and do away with these policies. Sometimes it required only a phone call, sometimes we had to get more aggressive and ask you to call/email the city.

But each time, we’ve prevailed.

And each time we forced another city to take down their ‘No Guns Allowed’ signs, liberal mayors across the state flew into a rage. But we don’t care. After all, everyone knows that so called ‘Gun Free Zones’ get innocent people killed.

The City of Sandpoint wanted to ban guns on city property, but they knew that ISAA would stop them if they did. So at their annual ‘Festival at Sandpoint’ — which is held on city owned property — they allowed the festival to ban guns and gun owners, hoping to circumvent the law. 

Sandpoint is trying to claim that because city staff weren’t the ones who were administering or enforcing the gun ban (that was done by festival staff,) that their actions didn’t violate the state’s preemption law.

While this situation took place in Sandpoint, this situation has immediate statewide ramifications. If Sandpoint can thwart our preemption law by involving a third party, then every city in the state will immediately follow suit!

That’s why the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance filed a lawsuit in First District Court; we didn’t have a choice.

Our legal team told us that given the judge in this case, we could expect to lose in the lower courts, which would allow us to have the case heard by the Idaho State Supreme Court.

So it wasn’t a surprise when the District Court found in favor of the City of Sandpoint, ruling that they are free to violate Idaho’s preemption laws — they just need to use non-city employees to do it.

This is a complete divergence from state law. And that’s why we have appealed this case to the Idaho State Supreme Court, where we hope to invalidate the lower court’s decision and force the City of Sandpoint to follow Idaho’s preemption law!

But for the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance to continue in this fight, we need immediate support from our members so that we can pay the ongoing legal costs associated with this lawsuit.


In fact, to proceed with this case, the ISAA needs to pay an upfront court cost of $20,000! Now, when we win this case, this money will be returned to us as part of the court’s decision. But we can not proceed without putting up this money.

That’s why I am writing you today, to ask for your help.

No one thought that the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance would ever be able to retain topflight legal counsel here in the state and drag the City of Sandpoint into court!

No one thought that the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance expected to lose in the lower court, as part of our plan to get this case before a higher court!

And no one thought that the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance would ever be able to take this fight all the way to the Idaho State Supreme Court!

That’s because the City of Sandpoint and the rest of the gun-grabbing liberal mayors here in Idaho like to think that the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is just me, Greg Pruett.

What they forget is that I am just a figure head. The real power behind the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has always been the tens of thousands of grassroots gun owners across Idaho who have made the decision to stand and fight together as we work to defend our right to keep and bear arms!

Now I am counting on your support again.


As I said a moment ago, we need to pay a court-mandated $20,000 fee, upfront, to be able to get this case before the State Supreme Court. On top of that, we need to raise another $15,000 to handle the legal fees that we’ll soon be incurring.

I know that some of you can afford to make an immediate donation of $150 or even $250. And if you’re in that position, I hope that you will be very generous.

For others, I know that $100 or even $50 can be a challenge. As a father of five, I feel the pinch of Biden’s run-away inflation just like everyone else here in Idaho does.

As always, the amount of your donation is entirely up to you. But I do hope that you’ll be generous, and I hope that you act fast as these expenses need to be addressed very quickly.

The liberals here in Idaho are furious. They haven’t been able to stop us from passing Constitutional Carry, Stand-Your-Ground law, or any of the rest of the bills that we’ve passed into law thanks to your support.

So while they can’t beat us in the legislature, they hope that they can use liberal judges to beat us in court.


That’s why it’s absolutely essential that the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance rises to this next challenge and makes it clear that we will fight for freedom in the legislature, in the courtroom, at the ballot box and anywhere else we need to!

Please continue to stand with us and make me your most generous contribution immediately!

For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. The City of Sandpoint is trying to break Idaho’s preemption laws by banning guns on city property, they are just using third party entities to enforce this illegal action!

If they get away with this, soon we’ll have dozens of cities following suit and Idahoans will be exposed to deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ despite state law to the contrary.


ISAA is suing the City of Sandpoint and our case is headed to the State Supreme Court! But to proceed, we need to cover significant legal fees fast! Please make an immediate donation of $250, $100, $50 or at least $10 so we can hold the line!

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