Learn How to Help Us!

The left is continuing to mobilize against gun owners here in Idaho.

It won’t be long before Idaho finds itself under full assault from the radical left it that hasn’t already happened.

That’s why we need you to take an exclusive online training that we put together so you know how to fight back, and so that you better understand what is really happening at the capitol in Boise.

Normally we do this training in person but it is now available ONLINE for a limited time!

You are only able to register for the class until September 21st.

If there was ever a class we needed all our supporters to take, this is it!

Conservative Political Activism” will teach you the true nature of politics, what conservatives have been doing wrong for decades, how we can fight back, and how to really hold your elected officials accountable.

The class is taught by ISAA President Greg Pruett himself!

You will learn the story of how the ISAA went from just another gun group to a hard-hitting political machine thanks to the grassroots gun owners who make up the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.

Are you ready?

Click the link here or click on the image below to register and take the class today!

We promise that this will be one of the most educational and important political classes you have ever taken.

All proceeds go to help the cause of liberty here in Idaho, therefore we encourage all ISAA supporters and members to take it.

You are the lifeblood of the freedom movement in Idaho and we appreciate all that you do.


ISAA Staff