Let Us Know: Are You Ready To Mobilize?

Idahoans are angry and frustrated with the constant attacks on the 2nd Amendment by liberals Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

Additionally, Idaho’s gun owners are growing increasingly frustrated with our own Republican-led legislature not passing hard-hitting pro-gun bills in a “deep red” state like Idaho.

Gun owners are demanding to speak out. They want their voices to be heard.

Over the last few weeks, we have been discussing having pro-2nd Amendment rallies across Idaho this year.

It’s been a few years since we have been able to travel the state and meet with our supporters. Idaho’s gun owners are the best in the country.

I believe we need to mobilize even more gun owners to get in the fight to protect the 2nd Amendment.

It’s easy in a state like Idaho, with some of the best pro-gun laws in the country, to become complacent.

We have an incredible base of supporters here in Idaho, but we need a lot more people to be involved in this fight.

In addition to talking about the 2nd Amendment, I would address how states like Colorado, Oregon, and Washington fell to the radical left, and how Idaho needs to prevent a similar fate. This is a topic I have been preaching about for over seven years now.

Idaho is NOT immune to the progressive disease, and it’s only your commitment to liberty that can stop it.

But part of my hesitation in doing a series of rallies as I have done before is some cities that have not shown an interest in previous events.

For instance, the last rally we held in Idaho Falls had 12 people attend. I am grateful for those who did show up, but we want to make sure we reach as many people as possible.

Part of the problem is my inability to reach all these people in these local communities ahead of time.


That’s why I am hoping that with an announcement of a series of rallies that we can have individuals from each city/town/village who can help spread the word for us.

The purpose of this email is to gauge the interest of our members in holding these rallies once again.

Rallies in and of themselves don’t accomplish anything major. However:

  • Rallies are a great way to meet new friends in the fight for liberty.
  • Rallies help mobilize new supporters and get people excited to take action for the 2nd Amendment.

So, if you are interested in holding these rallies again, please respond with your current location and if you are interested in helping promote a rally if your city is chosen for one of the locations.

Once we decide on holding these rallies or not, we will do as many as possible and spread them throughout the state.

Some of you may be an hour or so away from the nearest rally. We would encourage you to attend the closest one possible.

If you live near one of the locations, we encourage you to go to local gun shops and other pro-2nd Amendment stores and ask them to help promote the event.

In the meantime, please consider joining the ISAA today and helping us grow our efforts to defend the 2nd Amendment in Idaho by going to JOINISAA.COM!


Thank you to all our incredible members and supporters.

None of this is possible without you. Without you, Idaho would not be where it is today with the incredible pro-gun laws we have.

God bless you all!

For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance