Major Announcement from ISAA!

If you’ve been involved in the fight for the Second Amendment here in Idaho for any length of time, you know the name of State Senator Christy Zito.

Over the years, Zito has become THE LEADER in the fight for gun rights here in Boise, leading the fight for the Second Amendment in the legislature, while ISAA led the grassroots fight on the outside.      

The results of this inside/outside battle for freedom have been astounding and have made Idaho one of the best states in America for the gun owners like you and me.

(ISAA’s Political Director, Christy Zito, proudly stands for our gun rights while attending one of ISAA’s many freedom rallies in Bosie!)

In 2018, Christy Zito led the fight for Stand-Your-Ground law, to make it clear in statute that gun owners don’t have to retreat from a violent criminal before defending themselves.

In 2019, Christy Zito led the fight to lower the age at which Idahoans can carry a firearm for self-defense from 21 to 18. The old law treated young adults as second-class citizens, able to fight for their country but not their own safety.

In 2020, Christy Zito led the fight to remove the residency requirement from Idaho’s Constitutional Carry law. Previously, this freedom only applied to residents and allowed out of staters to be arrested for mistakenly carrying here in Idaho.

And in 2021, Christy Zito led the fight to strengthen Idaho’s Second Amendment Preservation Act, which is preventing Joe Biden from using Idaho’s troopers, deputies, and city cops to enforce his tyrannical gun control agenda.

As you can see, while Christy Zito has been attacked by the Radical Left and the RINO Right every day that she’s served in office, she’s delivered massive amounts of freedom to Idaho!

That’s why gun owners were so alarmed to hear that Senator Zito was not seeking re-election. But I’m pleased to announce that while Christy is leaving the legislature, she’s continuing the fight for the Second Amendment here in Idaho as the new Political Director of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance!

While I’m proud to have founded ISAA and spearheaded our efforts for the last decade, the simple fact of the matter is that Idaho is rapidly changing, and ISAA needs to scale up to address these new threats.


Every ISAA member knows that Idaho has experienced enormous population growth over the last few years.

It’s no surprise. Idaho is the most beautiful state in America; we protect citizens’ rights in this state. The state government largely leaves us alone, and until recently, it was an affordable place to raise a family.

But the top five states that people are moving here from are California, Washington, Oregon, Utah, and Colorado. Four of these states are deeply blue states, and many of these new residents are bringing a liberal political ideology with them.

And with these people driving the cost of housing up to stratospheric levels, older Idahoans are being forced out, and they are taking their conservative philosophies with them!

It’s a dangerous combination.  

And we’re already seeing the impact of this in the legislature. Going forward, ISAA is going to have to work harder than ever to hold the line for the Second Amendment in Boise.

That’s why Christy Zito is joining the team, to help ISAA expand in a variety of critical ways, including:

  • Getting ISAA active on additional social media platformsISAA uses social media very effectively to mobilize gun owners and dispense critical information. But we need to expand onto additional platforms besides Facebook.
  • Producing video-based action alerts across all platformsvideo content is the most effective format available to gun rights organizations like ISAA, but it takes a lot of time to produce. Christy is going to help us produce more of it! 
  • Assisting with direct lobby work and committee testimonywhile ISAA’s main power will always be the pressure our members apply through calls and emails, we need to hold the line by beating back gun-grabbers’ arguments in committee. Christy is an expert at this, given her experience.
  • Helping ISAA interact with other western stateswe are constantly being asked to show gun owners in other states how to fight for gun rights at the state level. Christy is a subject matter expert and will help do this. And keeping nearby states like Utah ‘red’ is a good thing for Idaho.  

Christy will also help with member communication, meeting with legislative candidates before the primary and general elections, assisting with ISAA’s lawsuits, and much more.

With Idaho sliding to the left in a very visible way these days, I’m sure you’ll agree that augmenting the ISAA leadership team is EXACTLY what we need to be doing right now!

And if you agree, I hope that you’ll make a special donation of $75, $100, or even as much as $250 to help ISAA implement the plan that I laid out above, beefing up ISAA’s political operation.


Adding new social media platforms, obtaining a few pieces of needed camera equipment, and covering some of Christy’s travel expenses are required as we expand our role here.

The left has clearly targeted Idaho, and we need to step up to the plate and fight to protect her with everything we’ve got, or our beloved state will suffer the same fate as Washington. 

So if $250 or $100 isn’t possible thanks to Joe Biden’s runaway inflation jacking up the cost of everything, please consider a gift of $50, $25, or even $10, or whatever you can afford!

We’ve accomplished a lot in the fight for freedom here in Boise over the years (much of it with Christy Zito helping us on the inside) but if we are going to keep the freedoms that we enjoy today, we’re going to need to fight like hell.

I’m very proud that Christy is joining our team. But I need to secure the funding to fully utilize her in our fight for freedom. Please make a generous donation TODAY!

For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. After leading the fight for freedom in the legislature for years and helping the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance pass a massive amount of pro-gun bills, Senator Christy Zito is joining ISAA as our new Political Director!

And it couldn’t have happened at a better time, as powerful political forces are challenging our way of life and our Second Amendment freedoms in ways that we have never seen before here in Idaho!

ISAA will be expanding our fight for freedom in major ways with Christy Zito on the team. But we need your support to help us implement these programs.

So please make a generous donation of $250, $100, $50, or even $10!