Major Week for Idaho’s Gun Owners – What’s Happening?

This is a major week for the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and gun owners across Idaho.

Senate Bill 1004 continues to grow in the number of co-sponsors who are supporting State Sen. Scott Herndon’s (R-1) bill. We need that list to grow a lot larger.

Before we get to the Stand-Your-Ground co-sponsor effort, we want to remind gun owners about the gun case being heard before the Idaho Supreme Court tomorrow morning!

The case will be heard at the Idaho Supreme Court building at 8:50 a.m. located at 451 W. State Street in Boise.

We are told that approximately 50 people can attend the hearingHowever, it can also be viewed online here.

The Idaho Supreme Court has also sent us a list of things regarding the rules of the court. Some of these important items include:

-No Firearms in the Court or on the Court grounds, including the front steps.

-No talking or outbursts during the proceedings.

-No signs or clothing with messaging or images on them.

-Cell phones must be silent or turned off.

Remember, we are there to observe the oral arguments. We can talk about the proceedings afterward on the front steps.

We want to give a big shout-out and thank you to our attorney, Alexandria Kincaid, and a big thank you to Second Amendment Foundation attorney Don Kilmer who will be giving the oral arguments for gun owners. The importance of this week isn’t just about this monumental case we have undertaken.

We are battling day and night to pass SB 1004, Stand-Your-Ground expansion.

SB 1004 is the last piece of Idaho’s Stand-Your-Ground law that will help prevent bad prosecutors from trying to take innocent Idahoans to jail when they have acted lawfully in self-defense.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be the next Kyle Rittenhouse. He never should have been prosecuted, but nothing is going to stop a George Soros-backed prosecutor from making an example out of an Idaho gun owner if SB 1004 doesn’t get passed.

Not only does SB 1004 ensure you have the ability to invoke Stand-Your-Ground within two weeks of being jailed, it also puts more burden on the government to prove they have sufficient evidence to keep you in jail

Finally, if you are still taken to trial by the gun-grabbing prosecutor, the judge can poll the jury if they find you “not guilty,” and ask them if it was for reasons of “self-defense.”

If the jury tells the judge that you were innocent by reason of self-defense, the judge then has the ability to award attorney’s fees to you.

We have been fighting to get the final Stand-Your-Ground piece in Idaho since 2017. In a “deep red” state, this shouldn’t be the case.

It’s time for Idahoans to ramp up the pressure on the legislature to act and get this bill passed, as George Soros continues to buy election after election of local prosecutors.

Right now, we have approximately 12 legislators who have co-sponsored SB 1004, and many more getting ready to sign on.

You can watch ISAA Political Director Christy Zito give you the full list of legislators who have co-sponsored.

We appreciate those legislators who are standing with gun owners and trying to help us get this legislation passed.

However, there is no reason that half the legislature shouldn’t already be on board with SB 1004. Stand-Your-Ground impacts all of us, and all the Republicans who promised to stand with gun owners need to put their signatures on paper to back up their campaign promises

That’s why we need you to reach out to your legislators right away and ask them to co-sponsor SB 1004!


Once you have sent your email, which takes less than one minute, I’m asking you to forward this email to everyone in your email list who lives in Idaho!

We need 10’s of thousands of gun owners to put pressure on the Idaho legislature to get the Stand-Your-Ground expansion in Idaho complete.

I know you are busy, and I know you are doing your part, but we need as many gun owners as possible in this fight. You are the ONLY reason that things move in the capital.

Action from gun owners has always had a tremendous impact on what the legislature does.


Thank you to all who have taken action, donated, prayed, and helped expand the cause of the 2nd Amendment in Idaho.

We truly can’t express how humbled we are by your efforts.

The ISAA is YOU and YOU are the ISAA!

For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. The ISAA and Second Amendment Foundation have oral arguments before the Idaho Supreme Court tomorrow at 8:50 a.m. If you plan on attending, please read the details in the email above.

In addition to our court case, the ISAA is asking gun owners to push their legislators to co-sponsor Stand-Your-Ground expansion, also known as SB 1004, sponsored by Sen. Scott Herndon (R-1).

Be sure to check out ISAA Political Director Christy Zito’s video update with the current list of co-sponsors.

Finally, contact your legislators right away and make sure they are on that co-sponsor list!