Mobilizing Idaho’s Gun Owners in 2016!!!

Happy New Year to all of our supporters!

We are excited for 2016 and the potential we have to grow as an organization. We appreciate everything you all did for us in 2015 and we look forward to our best year yet!

To start the year off we are reaching out to gun owners all across the state to mobilize with us in an effort to pass Permitless Carry and to help prepare us for this important election season. There is A LOT OF WORK to do and we can’t accomplish our goals without you. The citizens of Idaho are what make this group so great!!!

First Mailing 12-31-15

Make sure to help us start off the new year with a generous donation to the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance by going to and giving $200, $100, or even $50 to help fund our efforts!!!

Join us at the Rally for Constitutional/Permitless Carry on February 20th, 2016! The rally will begin at 3:30 p.m. at the Center on the Grove and we will march to the Capitol from there. Larry Pratt, President of the Gun Owners of America, former State Senator Russ Fulcher, and Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Wayne Hoffman will all speak to us. ISAA President, Greg Pruett, will also speak to the crowd and our good friend, Kevin Miller of 580 KIDO, will introduce the speakers and add his own commentary in between. Other guest speakers may be available as well.

Please be a part of this growing organization and make 2016 the year that we finally get Permitless Carry in Idaho!