Only 1 More Anti-Gun Ban…

It wasn’t long ago that every public bus system in the State of Idaho had a ban on self-defense weapons.

You would think that these types of laws wouldn’t exist in one of the most gun friendly states in the country but they do.

And without your help, we couldn’t fight back against them.

You can help keep these battles going — and we’ll tell you how in just a minute.

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has been fighting to overturn illegal gun bans since 2013 and with your help we have overturned dozens of them!

You see, most states in the country have a “Preemption” of firearms laws which prevents anti-gun Mayors, City Councils, and County Officials from creating their own patchwork of anti-gun laws.

It means the State controls firearm laws.

It prevents anti-gun zealots like Michael Bloomberg from swooping into our state and implementing local gun control laws across Idaho.

But some Idaho elected officials have tried to challenge the law and they have joined with Bloomberg.

They have violated the law and tried to prevent their illegal ordinance from changing.

They try to keep their Bloomberg style anti-gun laws in place and prevent citizens from exercising their 2nd Amendment rights!

We have seen in New York City, Baltimore, and Chicago that these anti-gun laws are ineffective at stopping crime.

They are ineffective at preventing criminals from getting guns.

The only thing these ‘gun free zone’ laws seem to accomplish is disarming the would-be victims.

Well, here at the ISAA, we refuse to stand by and let these anti-gun laws continue and that’s why we started the “Preemption Project.”

>>> In 2017, that project led us to the public bus         transportation systems in Idaho.

There are six of them in total:

1. Valley Ride (Boise)
2. SPOT (Sandpoint)
3. Pocatello Regional Transit (Pocatello)
4. Targhee Regional Public Trans. Authority (Rexburg)
5. Ride The Valley (Lewiston)
6. City Link (Kootenai County)

In June, we began reaching out to these transportation systems, starting with Valley Ride in the Boise area.

We used the Preemption Statute, and a recent Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling, to show the governing bodies of Valley Ride that their ban on self-defense weapons was unconstitutional.

Several weeks after reaching out to them, they informed us that they had changed their policy and the ban was removed!

We then reached out to the SPOT, Pocatello Regional Transit, and Targhee Regional Public Trans. Authority bus systems and informed them that their bans were also in violation of state law and the U.S. Constitution.

We worked with each of them and they were happy to bring their policy in compliance with Idaho law.

Then we reached out to the “Ride The Valley” system in Lewiston.

And many of you likely remember that battle.

But for those that don’t know, here is a quick recap.

The city attorney and bus directors tried to hide the fact that gun owners were allowed to defend themselves on public transportation.

They tried to skirt the law and trick gun owners into being disarmed.

That’s when you guys got involved and a massive grassroots campaign began to encourage the Mayor and City Council to squash the ban for good.

Days later we were informed that the ban had been removed and would no longer be in effect!

That only happened with your guy’s help.

We spent a lot of time and resources fighting this ban and other illegal gun bans in places like New Plymouth this year — but we have more work to do.

The last bus gun ban we are fighting is in Kootenai County.

So far, our correspondence with the Kootenai County Commissioners has been positive and we are awaiting a final response from the Commissioners as well as the Transportation Director on their decision.

Should they decide to refuse to make the necessary changes, we’ll get you guys involved once again to make your voices heard.

In the meantime, it’s time to replenish our resources and prepare for some possible future battles that we believe are coming up soon.

Please consider a donation of $300, $150, or even just $75 today to help us build up those resources!

If that is simply too much, please consider a smaller donation of $50 or $25 today to help us in the mobilization of citizens for these “Preemption” battles.

Whatever you can do helps and is greatly appreciated.

You never know when we will be in your city or county fighting to protect the 2nd Amendment.

We have to be ready at a moment’s notice.

Thank you all for standing with us.

Thank you for being a part of this great movement!

For Freedom,

Zach Brooks
Chairman of the Board

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. It has been a busy summer for the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.

We have been extremely active in fighting illegal gun bans that were implemented in all of Idaho’s public transportation systems.

We are happy to report that five of the six bans have been overturned and we are working on the last and final ban in Kootenai County.

Our success is only because elected officials know that if they don’t comply, thousands of law-abiding gun owners across Idaho will be there to hold them accountable.

With these battles has come depleted resources.

We need your help to replenish them and get ready for future battles.

Please consider a donation of $300, $150, or $75 today to help in that preparation.

If that is more than you can do right now, we understand. Even a smaller donation of $50 or even just $25 will be extremely helpful and appreciated.

Thank you!