Preemption News: Soda Springs Refuses, Canyon County Changes

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has received several new updates today (May 15th, 2015) in regards to our Preemption Project. For details on our project click on the “Legislative Efforts” tab and select “Preemption Project”.

The city of Soda Springs has an ordinance forbidding the discharge of firearms within city limits. An exception is made for police officers acting in the line of duty but no exception exists for citizens acting in self-defense. State law requires that any ordinance that prohibits discharge not violate a citizens natural right to self-defense.

The city responded in an email to ISAA President Greg Pruett with the following message:

“Dear Mr. Pruett,
In regards to the recent message you left for Mayor Smith. We have discussed your issue and appreciation your passion but the Mayor feels that our current fire arm code is sufficient and does not require changes at this time. You are welcome to forward any additional information to me that you would like.


Tausha Vorwaller


City of Soda Springs”

This type of refusal to not update an ordinance that is in violation of state law is unacceptable and the ISAA will be seeking further action on the issue. We are asking the citizens of Soda Springs to help us in this cause. If you are a resident, please send an email to [email protected]

Mr. Pruett also spoke with an attorney from Canyon County today and he informed the ISAA that the Canyon County ordinance has been updated. We appreciate the help of Canyon County Commissioners in changing their ordinance to be in compliance with state law.

The ISAA has now helped 24 municipalities update their ordinances or take down signs that were in violation of Idaho’s Preemption statute. Please let us know of any violations that are not currently listed on our Preemption Project tab.