Pro-Gun Bill Passes Idaho House State Affairs Committee!

Dear Site,Yesterday morning the Idaho House State Affairs Committee voted to move House Bill 206 to the House Floor with a “Do Pass” recommendation!Gun grabbers from Mom’s Dema

Dear Site,

Yesterday morning the Idaho House State Affairs Committee voted to move House Bill 206 to the House Floor with a “Do Pass” recommendation!

Gun grabbers from Mom’s Demand Action were on scene to oppose the bill once again.

Now we prepare for a full vote on the House floor and we need your help to get it there — more on that in just a second.

Around the country gun owners are fighting to pass pro-gun legislation, and stop gun grabs from Bloomberg and his cronies. 

Even here in Idaho, we have had a rather tumultuous legislative session as we fight gun control and attempt to push pro-gun legislation forward. 

From Marsy’s Law (SJR101) being killed by gun owners due to the potential threat to gun rights, to pushing Constitutional Carry Expansion, to fighting for the end of gun free zones and passing stronger Stand-Your-Ground, we are working overtime for gun owners in Idaho

And that doesn’t even touch the issues we have been trying to stop in Congress such as Universal Background Checks and Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders! (Don’t forget to watch the video exposing Red Flag laws here or click on the image below!)

Yesterday’s vote on House Bill 206, Constitutional Carry Expansion for 18-20-year-olds inside city limits, was one of the few bright spots gun owners have had in 2019.

But the fight is far from over.

The committee voted 13-2 to send the bill to the House for a full vote. 12 Republicans and one Democrat voted in favor of the bill and two Democrats opposed it.

We want to thank the committee members that voted for the bill:
Zito, Young, Scott, Barbieri, Crane, Holtzclaw, Andrus, Monks, Wright Hartgen, Palmer, Harris, Armstrong, and Smith (Democrat)

The two legislators voting against the bill were both Democrats: Gannon and Green

Now is the time for gun owners to remain ever vigilant in reaching out to their legislators to support H.B. 206 when it reaches the House Floor!  A vote on the bill could take place as early as this week. 

Your continued activism is crucial to keeping these important pieces of legislation moving.

That’s why we need to make sure you have done several things to help us push H.B. 206 forward, and help us mobilize even more gun owners to do so.

1. Use the link here to tell your two legislators to vote “Yes” on H.B. 206 if you haven’t done so already: Tell Your Lawmakers to Vote YES on H.B. 206 – Constitutional Carry Expansion in Idaho!
2. Help us mobilize additional gun owners to take this same action by donating $100, $50, or even just $25 today!
3. Finally, please forward this email to as many gun owners as you can so they can get involved in this fight. 

Bloomberg has billions of dollars at his disposal.

His groups are all well-funded and they are not giving up.

We need you to remain active in the fight to protect the 2nd Amendment right here in Idaho all the way to the end of the legislative session and beyond!

Your time to take a stand is right now.

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance


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