Rally for the 2nd Amendment in Idaho!

“We have one chance to pull this off.”

That was my message to our Board Members when the discussion of a 2nd Amendment rally came up in a recent phone call.

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has announced a “Rally for the 2nd Amendment,” and we’ll get to the details in just a moment.

There is no doubt that the current political climate favors the radical left and gun grabbers.

In fact, in the state of Wisconsin, this last Tuesday, gun grabbers won a statewide race for a Wisconsin Supreme Court seat by 12 percentage points.

Wisconsin is a state that has been controlled by Republicans for years now, and a state President Trump won unexpectedly.

However, this year has proven tough for Republicans as they continue to lose special election after special election.

History is not on their side either.

Historically, the party in power loses a lot of congressional seats in the mid-term elections when a new President takes the Oval Office.

And that is exactly what gun grabbers are banking on.

In the wake of the Las Vegas, Sutherland, and Parkland shootings, gun grabbers are going to seize on the “blue wave” that is coming in 2018, unless gun owners step up!

As we continue our efforts for the primary election season, we have announced a Rally for the 2nd Amendment in Idaho to get gun owners fired up for the November elections!

What are the details you ask?

Time: 1:00 p.m.
Location: Fort Boise Park just outside the “Friendship Square,” and then marching to the capitol.
Speakers: Greg Pruett, Ammon Bundy, and more to come!

Why September 8th?

There are a variety of reasons but the main one being that we need more time to organize and get people to the rally.

Unlike gun grabbers, we don’t have the luxury of millions of dollars to bus people in on a moment’s notice.

The rally must be as equally large as the 3,000-gun grabbers who marched on Boise several weeks ago, or it will be seen as a failure.

We have done many of these rallies before and speaking from experience, we can tell you that a rally too soon will NOT be beneficial to our cause.

You can watch my video here or click on the image below to get more details on our decision to hold a rally in September.


Right now, our focus is on the 2018 primary elections which are just over a month away!

If you want to protect the 2nd Amendment in Idaho, then you need to ensure that pro-gun politicians are elected on May 15th, and not gun grabbers who refuse to sign our petition or vote the right way.

The rally in September is going to serve as a springboard for the 2018 general election in November, and that’s why we are asking you do dedicate yourself to being there.

Not only that, but we need your help spreading the news about the rally.

What exactly can you do to help?

>>> First, if you are on Facebook be sure to use  the link here and select “Going,” and then invite your family and friends to do the same!

>>> Second, this email contains the details of our  rally. We need you to forward this email to as  many people as you can to help spread the word.

Soon we will also have a flyer that you can share for the event, and when that is released we will forward it to all of you.

>>> Finally, a rally as big as we are planning takes a lot of time and money. We need you guys to help us raise the funds necessary to pull this off.

So, whether you can chip in $100, $50, or even just $10 today, we would greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

We are working on some special guest speakers for this event, and we are excited to announce that Ammon Bundy has accepted our invitation to come and speak!

More special guests will be announced in the coming days.

The battle for the 2nd Amendment is raging, and Idaho isn’t immune to what is happening as we saw with the recent gun grabbing march on our capitol.

We must remain vigilant and we need you standing with us, and taking action!


Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance