Rapists and Murders Love H.F. 1752!

We all knew this was coming!

In the wake of the Georgia massage parlor shootings where the shooter legally bought his firearm (passing a background check) before killing eight people, gun control organizations are shifting their narrative.

Since they can’t use this shooting to advance their goal of passing universal background checks, they are hoping to use it to pass H.R. 1752 instead, which would put you in prison for buying a handgun without waiting three days, first!


Everyone knows that this bill won’t do anything to stop a criminal. Everyone also knows that this bill is guaranteed to get innocent people (especially women) raped and murdered, while waiting for government permission to buy a gun.

But that’s not stopping Bloomberg-funded front groups from pushing for this bill.

 (A recent Facebook post on Giffords page, showing how determined the left is to exploit the Georgia shooting any way they can!)

That’s because this bill isn’t about stopping violent crime, it’s about throwing up one more roadblock for law abiding gun owners who are trying to get a gun for self-defense.

After all, the crazy leftists pushing this garbage in Congress cheered the Antifa and BLM thugs who rioted, looted, and burned their way across America last spring, even as they murdered police officers! 

They are the same politicians who are trying to defund the police and end cash bail across America, releasing hordes of violent criminals back on to our streets.

And they are determined to disarm as many law abiding citizens as they can using H.R. 8, S. 736, H.R. 127, H.R. 125 and now H.R. 1752.

Don’t let them get away with this. Sign your petition against H.R. 1752 NOW!

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For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. Within hours of the Georgia shooting, gun control organizations across the country began using it to advance H.R. 1752 — legislation that would make you a criminal for buying a handgun without waiting three days!

This bill is a dream come true to violent criminals, and will lead to more attacks, more rapes, and more murders of innocent women who can’t buy a handgun due to a silly waiting permit.


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