Rep. Maxine Bell (R-Jerome, Filer, Buhl, Kimberly) Votes Against Gun Rights!

Rep. Maxine Bell, a Republican from District 25 (Jerome, Filer, Buhl, Kimberly, Castleford, Hansen and Parts of Twin Falls) has VOTED AGAINST a gun rights bill in the 2016 Idaho Legislative Session!

Rep. Maxine Bell is in her 14th term in office and is facing a primary challenge on May 17th, 2016 in the Statewide Primary election.

Gun Owners across the State of Idaho have overwhelmingly supported Constitutional Carry and the Idaho legislature took up the measure this year in the form of Senate Bill 1389.

Constitutional Carry simply means that a law abiding citizen who is legally able to own and purchase a firearm can also carry that firearm concealed without getting the government’s permission to defend their own life.

Constitutional Carry is already legal outside of city limits and has been for nearly 100 years. Senate Bill 1389 simply allows Idaho residents to enjoy Constitutional Carry inside city limits as they have been able to do outside city limits.

Rep. Bell recently told the Idaho Reporter, ““Concern about the loss of some safety gun training and my mail ran in that direction by three to one.”

Gun owners from Rep. Bell’s district are already telling the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance that they are sick and tired of law makers voting against gun rights and that they are frustrated with her decision to vote against Constitutional Carry.

Rep. Maxine Bell (R-25) is from Jerome, ID. She can be contacted at 208-324-4296

Rep. Maxine Bell (R-25) is from Jerome, ID.
She can be contacted at 208-324-4296