RINOs Trying to Trade Gun Bills for Liberal Agenda?!

Gun owners find themselves in a familiar place in 2023.

The legislature is doing everything it can to stall major pro 2nd Amendment legislation.

Despite having 1/3 of the legislature on board as a co-sponsor for SB 1004, Stand-Your-Ground expansion, the Senate State Affairs Committee Chairman, Jim Guthrie, refuses to give the bill a public hearing.

And while Guthrie is blocking a bill with massive public and legislative support, he’s keeping his efforts focused on giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

For years now, Guthrie has been pushing legislation to favor lawbreakers. Never mind the Idahoans who are here legally, Guthrie wants to ensure those who have broken the law get rewarded.

Time is quickly running out in the Idaho legislative session, and we need Guthrie to act right away so sign your petition now!


To be clear, the ISAA supports bills like HB 295, sponsored by Rep. Judy Boyle (Midvale) that prohibits credit card companies from forcing retailers to code firearm and ammunition purchases so they can be tracked.

We also support SB 1008, sponsored by Sen. Dan Foreman (Moscow), which would strip colleges and universities from having regulatory authority over campus carry.

There’s also another bill by Foreman, SB 1056, that would repeal an antiquated anti-gun bill gun grabbers are using to target gun owners, which the ISAA also supports.

However, the major issue at hand for many gun owners in Idaho is completing our Stand-Your-Ground law once and for all. It’s far past time that this happens for Idahoans.

There is no reason why all four of these bills can’t pass this session, especially in a state like Idaho!


If there were four anti-gun bills in California or Washington being proposed this year, do you think their legislatures would only pass one of them? Of course not!

The gun grabbers in Blue states pass as much anti-gun legislation as they can.

Why then in Idaho does the legislature always stand in the way of passing as much pro-gun legislation as possible?

With Biden doing everything he can at the federal level to squash the 2nd Amendment, our legislature needs to wake up and have an equal tenacity in passing protective measures for gun owners here in Idaho!

As I mentioned previously, time is quickly running out.

Chairman Guthrie must act now to ensure that Idahoans have the best lawful protections in the country, and stop worrying about helping illegal immigrants.

That’s why we need your help to increase the pressure on Guthrie substantially this week.

First, sign the petition telling Chairman Guthrie to give SB 1004 a public hearing immediately!


Second, be sure to share the video we made which tells all Idahoans to contact Guthrie immediately as well. You can check out that video below.

Of course, Guthrie isn’t the only problem standing in the way of Stand-Your-Ground expansion. There is another State Senator fighting against our efforts.

Sen. Geoff Schroeder (Mountain Home) replaced pro-gun champion Christy Zito when Christy came to work with the ISAA.

Schroeder has been a disaster in the Senate by actively fighting against our legislation, and voting against Foreman’s bill to repeal anti-gun legislation.

Schroeder is pushing other legislators in the capitol to not support Stand-Your-Ground.

The ISAA has been educating citizens in his district for weeks about his treachery. You can see the video we have boosted in his district below.

We want to increase our efforts to expose what is happening at the capitol in Boise.

That’s why we want to get these two ads on both radio and TV as quickly as possible.

Of course, doing that is not cheap. Radio and TV are expensive, but they are also a great way to reach as many gun owners as possible.

Please consider a donation of $500, $250, or $100 today to help us get these ads running right away

If that is too much right now in Biden’s failing economy, then a small donation of $50, $25, or even just $10 will all be greatly appreciated. 

For the ISAA, it doesn’t matter if our rating as a pro-gun state is 1st or 50th, we will fight hard for the best legislation we can.

The time for Stand-Your-Ground expansion is now!

You can help us get SB 1004 moving, just as you have been the reason for legislation moving before. It’s all on the efforts of incredible gun owners.

Thank you for all your sacrifices!

For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance