S.D. Governor Vetoes Constitutional Carry!

It’s no April Fool’s joke!

The Republican Governor of South Dakota has vetoed Constitutional Carry.  South Dakota is a state that is controlled heavily by Republicans in both chambers and they have a Republican Governor as well. Sound familiar? 

As many of you know, the battle for Constitutional Carry continues to rage across the country. States from Utah all the way to New Hampshire are proposing it and some like New Hampshire, passing it!

It was just last year that Idaho passed Constitutional Carry and became the 9th state to do so. It was a long battle that lasted over 4 years.

But we weren’t the only ones to pass it last year.  West Virginia, Mississippi, and Missouri also passed Constitutional Carry last year. It was the single largest increase of Constitutional Carry states in any given year.

Idaho was lucky.  Governor Otter made it clear in his post-session press conference that he really wasn’t happy with the bill because he believes government should be able to control your right to keep and bear arms.

Luckily, Idaho citizens made their voices heard and he signed Constitutional Carry (SB 1389) into law.

South Dakota citizens were not so lucky.

Their Governor just vetoed their Constitutional Carry bill and their legislature will have to attempt a veto override if they want it to become law.

This is a Republican Governor in South Dakota killing gun gills. But this can’t be. Republicans are supposed to all be pro-2nd Amendment right?

As many Idahoans know, not all politicians who say they are for the 2nd Amendment really are, Republican or Democrat.

We all remember former Representative Rich Wills who was from District 23.  He was a Republican. He voted AGAINST Constitutional Carry !

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance spent several months educating the voters in Wills’s district that they had a Representative who didn’t embody the pro-2nd Amendment platform he campaigned on.

Voters in District 23 were not happy and they made their voices heard in the Republican Primary in May of 2016.

Instead of re-electing Rich Wills, voters instead chose current Representative, Christy Zito (Republican-23). Rep. Zito promised gun owners she would fight for them.

And fight for them she did!

She sponsored Castle Doctrine Upgrade and Stand-Your-Ground for Idaho citizens and fought every day to make it a reality, only to be blocked by Republican leaders and Chairman Loertscher who claim they are “as pro-2nd Amendment as you can get.”

It would appear that South Dakota and other Republican controlled states, like Idaho, are running into the same issue.

Even in neighboring Utah, Governor Herbert has vetoed Constitutional Carry in recent years and is likely to do it again this year if it hits his desk.

These supposed pro-gun legislators will continue to infringe on your rights unless you stand up and demand change. You are in charge of the government and many legislators have forgotten that.

They treat you as lemmings and tell you that once they are elected you just need to sit back and do nothing.

They will take care of the gun issue for you. They will pass some half-hearted attempt at a pro-gun bill and claim victory for you.

Don’t be fooled!

With the session in Idaho over and no solid pro-gun reforms passed, it’s time to regroup and strengthen the size of our grassroots army.

We need to be strong enough that should our Governor ever decide to veto a true pro-gun bill, we can take action.

Should another Representative, Republican or Democrat, vote against our gun rights, we can take action.

But we can’t do that without you, or the grassroots activist army we are building.

The best way you can take a stand is by standing with us.

It’s a new month and we are asking everyone to stand with the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance by becoming a Silver Level Member TODAY by clicking the link here!

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Thank you for your support and for your efforts this last session! You make all the difference.

In Freedom,

Zach Brooks
Chairman of the Board
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

  P.S. The Republican Governor in South Dakota has vetoed Constitutional Carry. In what could have been the 14th state to do so, citizens of South Dakota must now hope for a veto of the bill.

Being pro-2nd Amendment is not about being Republican or Democrat. It’s about restoring what the Founders had intended when they put the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights.

Your right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed.”

As we face our own issues right here in Idaho with Republicans and Democrats destroying pro-gun bills and stuffing them in desk drawers, we must become stronger now than we have ever been before!

We need you to take a stand with us! We need to build our grassroots army into something untouchable.

Please consider becoming a Silver Member of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance today!

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