SAPA Law, the 10th Amendment, and the Fight for Freedom…

Now that an Obama-appointed, lower court judge temporarily struck down Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act, the gun community nationwide is buzzing about SAPA.

That’s because SAPA is far from an average gun bill.

While SAPA does protect gun owners from Biden’s gun control agenda, at its foundation, SAPA is a vehicle for lawmakers in ‘Red America’ to rediscover the 10th Amendment and the anti-commandeering doctrine.

Because when the states remember they have a right to simply walk away from the federal government — when they remember that they can choose to not comply — everything will change.

That’s why ISAA and our allies around the country are working so hard to pass (and then defend) SAPA legislation so hard.

To understand more about SAPA, why the district court decision in Missouri wasn’t a surprise, and the role that SAPA plays in the fight for America, watch this video update from the American Firearms Association!  

As you just heard, SAPA is about the future of America.

The states can use the 10th Amendment to stop abortion, fix our schools, deal with immigration issues — AND protect our right to keep and bear arms!

When I started fighting for gun rights 10 years ago, two states had Constitutional Carry laws on the books. Today, there are 25.

The same thing will happen with the Second Amendment Preservation Act, but we need your help!

First: share this video/email with every gun owner you know.

Second: donate to ISAA so we can defend Idaho’s SAPA law

Third: join ISAA and become a member in the fight for freedom!

America was conceived in rebellion to tyranny, built on the idea that ‘We the People’ are in charge of our government, not the other way around.

Joe Biden and today’s Radical Left are determined to disarm and enslave us. SAPA is our way of peacefully resisting this madman and keeping ‘Red America’ free!

Thank you for standing with us.

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance