Say NO to Secret Gun Committees!!!

As the 2016 Idaho Legislative Session begins today we are excited to see what the new year brings Idahoans! For 4 years the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has been pushing and supporting Constitutional Carry efforts across the state. This year is no different. Rep. Scott and Rep. Nate will be introducing Constitutional Carry in the first few weeks of the session and we applaud them for taking the time to help push this important issue.

As we await to see the version of Permitless Carry that they bring forward, we strongly believe that this is the year Idaho will get Permitless Carry passed and we will see Idaho join 7 other states in recognizing your right to keep and bear arms without going through government red tape.

As Idaho gun owners you should demand nothing less than a fair and OPEN hearing process. THAT is the process for which bills are introduced and move through the system. We denounce any use of SECRET GUN COMMITTEES where a select few determine the fate of a bill that is openly sought after by 10’s of thousands of Idahoans across the state. You must demand from your legislators that any gun bill be discussed openly and transparent to the public and that you will not stand for anymore backroom deals.

Some have asked who is on the committee, when do they meet, and what is their official role in determining which gun bills move forward. The reality is that we don’t know everyone on the committee, nor do we know when or where they meet, and we know that they have no official role or capacity. The committee is informal and thus answers to no one on any discussions or decisions they make.

You will be told that the secret committee was established because there were “too many” gun bills being introduced and therefore the committee would be put together (unbeknownst to many legislators) and they would determine which bills went forward. Rather than allowing each bill to go forward through the committee process as is formally established, a select few would determine the fate of any gun bill. Last year ISAA President Greg Pruett was told that because he didn’t use the secret gun committee, the Constitutional Carry Bill (House Bill 89) would not go forward.

This practice must end immediately. You must demand that it end immediately. Call and email your representatives in the Idaho legislature and demand that Constitutional Carry be give a fair, open, and honest hearing. No more games. No more backroom deals. No more!!!