Shocking! Paulette Jordan Says No AR-15’s In Idaho!

Shocking! Paulette Jordan Says No AR-15's In Idaho!

I had to listen to her words several times.

The words Paulette Jordan used to describe her feelings on the AR-15 (and similar weapons) caused my heart to skip a beat.

Idaho candidates with dreams of gun control are becoming a reality, and it’s our job to expose their true intentions.

You can help us do that — more on that in just a moment.

It wasn’t long ago that gun grabbers wouldn’t talk about their true feelings on guns in Idaho.

Their vision of Bloomberg style gun control just wasn’t feasible, and any mention of gun control from their candidates would almost certainly spell doom for a campaign.

Idaho’s gun owners aren’t looking for New York or California style gun control.

We value the 2nd Amendment in Idaho and many gun owners in our beautiful state will vote solely on this one issue alone.

That’s why when I heard Paulette Jordan’s comments from the 2018 KTVB Democrat Gubernatorial debate I was stunned.

The KTVB moderator asked Ms. Jordan if she thought the AR-15 had a space in Idaho.

Her answer was, “It doesn’t have a place in Idaho.”

The AR-15 doesn’t have a place in Idaho?

The most popular modern rifle in the United States doesn’t have a place here?

That is a bold stance to take for someone wanting to be Idaho’s next Governor, and this type of admission is usually something you hear from places like Maryland, New Jersey, and Oregon – not Idaho.

But this is all a broader effort by Bloomberg, Moms Demand Action, and other gun grabbers to impose their will on the American people, including Idahoans.

The progressive disease is spreading like wildfire.

California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington have all fallen victim to the tyranny of the gun grabbing progressives.

Is Idaho next?

We are going to do everything we can to expose these folks for what they truly believe, but we need your help to do it.

When current or former elected officials, such as Paulette Jordan, come out swinging against the 2nd Amendment, it’s our job to ensure that the public is well aware of their stances regarding the 2nd Amendment.

Just months ago we educated the public on exactly what Chairman Loertscher had done during his last few terms in office by blocking real pro-gun legislation.

We also exposed the rather disturbing 2nd Amendment beliefs of Julie VanOrden that came out during a candidate forum earlier this year.

Additionally, we educated the voters in Rep. Christy Zito’s district on what she had done to defend gun rights during her time in office.

And now, because we are doing our job to educate the public on the current battle for gun rights, our enemies are trying to tangle us up with frivolous accusations with the Secretary of State’s office.

More on that in a future email and video.

For now, we need your help to continue to educate the public on exactly what Paulette Jordan believes about modern rifles.

So, what can you do?

>>> First, please be sure to share the video here that we put together that exposes Paulett’s views on AR-15’s.

>>> Second, please consider a generous donation today to help the ISAA continue to mobilize gun owners, and expose gun grabbers across the state by donating $100, $75, or $50 today!

If that is simply too much then please consider a smaller donation of $25 or even just $10 will be very helpful.

>>> Finally, please be sure to join us at the rally on September 8th and show these gun grabbers that we will not sit by and watch gun grabbers run over our state. The link to thaevent is here.

You are a roadblock to gun control ever being a reality in Idaho.

Right now, Idaho is strong, but we are under attack.

Don’t sit back and assume that what has happened in Oregon and Washington can’t happen in Idaho.

That’s why we must make it the best state in the country for gun owners, and expose gun grabbers when they try to undermine our values.

Thank you for your time!

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. Paulette Jordan, the Democrat Gubernatorial candidate, has told a KTVB debate moderator that AR-15’s don’t have a place in Idaho.

Her out of touch gun control position must be exposed to the people of Idaho, and we are doing everything we can to make that happen.

Once you have watched the video yourself here, please consider a generous donation to the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance of $100, $75, or $50 today to help us mobilize gun owners today.

If that isn’t possible then a smaller donation of $25 or $10 will help us expose gun grabbers in the coming months.

Thank you!








  1. I have read a lot of comments over the past few days about this AR-15 debate. I find it disturbing that many people are targeting all Democrat candidates. I am a Democrat and after completing the candidate survey from the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance I was given a 100% pro gun rating.
    It’s important to remember to research all candidates from all parties when we vote in November. Not all Republicans are behind the Second Amendment. Just like not all Democrats are for more gun control.

    I signed a statement that I included along with my survey that shows my support for our gun rights. I stand by my statements still and always will. So I am going to say it again here because of how much I believe in our rights to keep and bear arms.

    I as a Democratic candidate for Idaho State Senate Seat 34 believe in our rights to keep and bear arms should not be infringed. I do not believe in banning any firearms or ammunition. I believe in constitutional carry for all Americans. Proper gun education like hunters education and programs that the NRA have developed are key programs to gun safety. Gun control to me is better mental health access for all Americans. Mass shootings are a symptom of the mentally ill. For to long law abiding Americans have been punished for the acts of these people. As a Democrat I will always defend our rights. There are other Democrats that believe in this as well. I said it before and I will say it again. Do your research for all candidates in all parties. Following blindly is never a good idea. We the people have power in our vote.

    Robert S Nielsen
    Candidate for District 34 Senate


  2. Robert Neilsen, as a politician you should know better then make a broad generalization about a certain people groups. “Mass shootings are a symptom of the mentally ill.” Contributing to the stigma of mental illness is what keeps people from seeking help in fear of being lumped into this class. Please educate yourself before making these statements lumping all mass shootings with people who seek help and manage thier illnesses with medications.


    1. Here’s some info incase you don’t care to research. Mental illness and its treatment (or the lack thereof) with psychiatric drugs. This is controversial.Many of the mass shooters in the U.S. suffered from mental illness, but the estimated number of mental illness cases has not increased as significantly as the number of mass shootings. Under 5% of violent behaviors in the U.S. are committed by persons with mental health diagnoses.
      The desire to seek revenge for a long history of being bullied at school. In recent years, citizens calling themselves “targeted individual” have cited adult bullying campaigns as a reason for their deadly violence.
      The widespread chronic gap between people’s expectations for themselves and their actual achievement, and individualistic culture.
      Desire for fame and notoriety. Also, mass shooters learn from one another through “media contagion,” that is, “the mass media coverage of them and the proliferation of social media sites that tend to glorify the shooters and downplay the victims.”
      The copycat phenomenon.


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