Special Message from Rep. Christy Zito

There is perhaps no greater cause for liberty than defending the right to keep and bear arms.

Our ability to defend ourselves against government tyranny was paramount to the Constitution.

Our forefathers understood that it was only an armed populace that would be able to stop tyranny and maintain the freedoms they had bled and died for.

This is why the efforts of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance are so important.

Their hard work and growth are unmatched in Idaho’s political realm. You should be honored to be a part of this incredible organization.

As Idaho’s population continues to boom, it is going to take even more support from Idaho’s gun owners to ensure the protection of our right to keep and bear arms lives on for generations to come.

Gun owners who are escaping California, Oregon, and Washington are desperate to enjoy the 2nd Amendment freedoms that are being eroded by Michael Bloomberg and his gun control advocates.

That’s why it’s imperative that the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance continue to grow into an even bigger powerhouse in Idaho!

And that’s why I am writing to you today.

Whether you are a native Idahoan or a brand new Idahoan, you have a major role to play in the growth of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.

My challenge to each of you in order to facilitate that growth is to join the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance as a “Liberty Member” today!

If you are already a Liberty Member or member at any other level then I appreciate your support for gun rights in Idaho.

The Liberty Membership is crucial to the ISAA’s continued growth. This monthly membership program ($10 or more) will ensure the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance remains a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

It even comes with a unique “Liberty Member” hat after your 3rd monthly payment!

As we close in on the end of 2019, I would love to see hundreds of new Liberty Members join the ISAA.

Please join the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance as a Liberty Member right away by clicking the link here or on the image below: ISAALIBERTY.COM!

With the massive growth in Idaho’s population, we are likely to see some changes to our culture and way of life in Idaho.

If we lose our right to keep and bear arms little by little, eventually we will end up like the states surrounding us.

Let’s do all we can to prevent that from happening.

Idaho is still a light for freedom in this country, and we hope that it will continue to be for years to come.

Thank you all for your continued support for the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and freedom in Idaho.


Representative Christy Zito (Republican)
District 23 – Seat A

Note: This email NOT sent at taxpayer expense.