Special Political Leadership Class in Boise!

If it wasn’t so darned painful I’d laugh.

Every day I hear politician after politician say how pro-Second Amendment they are, while voting to give away our gun rights.

And they are being helped and given cover by so-called “grassroots gun groups” who keep telling their members, “Well it’s the best deal we can get right now.”

To heck with that.

You miss 100% of the shots you never take. And too many of these “establishment gun groups” wouldn’t know what they could pass – because they never demand that their political buddies take a stand on any issue.

“But isn’t this the way politics is supposed to work? Isn’t politics just about the art of compromise, Greg?”

I hope you don’t believe that.

Do you want to learn how to fight those guys? Do you want to learn how to win?

Then on November 14th, 2015 you need to be at the Springhill Suites (Parkcenter) in Boise for the Political Leadership School.

This one-day class will teach you how to be feared and respected by the political class – not their buddies or their lap dogs. For ticket information click here.

It is more important than ever that you learn how to be truly effective politically.

My friends at the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership know what they are doing.

Their trainers are the best in the business with the “political hides” and scars to prove it. They’ll teach you the real deal because they’ve done it themselves. While the trainer coming to Boise is the leader of a 2nd Amendment group, this training is for all political leaders and activists who are leading efforts in their communities.


Greg Pruett

President, ISAA