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2022 Idaho General Election Survey

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance conducts a survey for legislative candidates (Representative and Senator) each election cycle to determine where they stand on specific issues as it relates to the Second Amendment. Questions are generally derived from specific state legislation we are seeking to implement or oppose but some are broader in nature.

The ISAA Legislative Survey serves to inform the public about where candidates stand on these issues and we expect those seeking office to be willing to put their name on public record on where they stand on one of the most, if not the most, important issues to Idahoans.

If you have any questions regarding these surveys you may contact ISAA President Greg Pruett at [email protected].

Question 1

Idaho’s firearm preemption law has a loophole that some cities are currently exploiting. Cities are temporarily giving private parties the ability to ban firearms in public places, where cities are not allowed to ban them. The intent of the legislature on firearm preemption is being subverted.

Will you support firearm preemption legislation which would ensure that cities are forbidden from giving private parties the ability to ban firearms during a so-called “short term lease?” 

Question 2

Idaho’s current Stand-Your-Ground law is lacking one crucial component, “criminal immunity.” With people like Kyle Rittenhouse and the McCloskey couple being the target of political prosecution, we have to ensure that Idaho implements criminal immunity, and that we give reimbursements for legal fees to those who are found not guilty.

Will you support legislation that would strengthen Idaho’s existing Stand-Your-Ground law by adding “Criminal Immunity” and adding a legal fee reimbursement to Idaho’s existing law?

Question 3

Idaho’s “Campus Carry” law is extremely restrictive, and power is given to the university boards to regulate the carrying of concealed firearms on public university campuses.

Will you support legislation to remove the power of public universities to regulate the carrying of concealed firearms on campus, and return the power to the legislature?

Question 4

Will you oppose all methods of gun control, including those that the media calls “reasonable,” such as laws that disallow those with simple misdemeanor convictions from owning and carrying firearms, increasing the minimum age of those who carry guns for self-defense, new taxes on ammunition, and new ways to track guns and gun owners?

Question 5

Do you oppose legislation banning the manufacture, sale or possession of semi-automatic firearms and/or magazines of any capacity, recognizing that these restrictions do nothing to stop crime but only serve to harass gun owners?

Question 6

Will you oppose legislation to implement “Universal Background Checks” which force law-abiding citizens to go through government mandated background checks when even selling firearms to their own family members, friends, or acquaintances?

Question 7

Do you oppose ALL forms of Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders?

Question 8

Will you vote to overturn any form of gun control that might be implemented via a ballot initiative?

We're standing up for gun rights in 2023 — will you stand with us?