Constitutional Carry

Can Constitutional Carry Save Her?

Her heart is pounding. Her mind in a constant state of fear. Is she safe? Are her kids okay? This is an all too common scenario with women who are wondering whether or not their ex-boyfriend or ex-husband, who used to abuse them, is going to do something worse. Can Constitutional Carry help protect them? Yes, it can! We accomplished that feat in 2016, but there’s more to do —

Constitutional Carry in Idaho -- 1 Year Later!

You remember what they used to say about it? Do you remember the dire predictions? We fought for 4 years to pass Constitutional Carry in Idaho and despite the naysayers from the anti-gun left, it passed and went into effect just 1 year ago! It’s time to celebrate and help us move forward — more on that in a minute. For 4 years we had to listen to Bloomberg, Moms

You Are Invited!

Now that the 2017 session is over in Boise, it’s important that gun owners take stock of what went right and what went wrong this session in the fight for the Second Amendment. Of course, 2016 was a fantastic year as we enacted Constitutional Carry legislation! This year, things moved at a slower pace. Our Castle Doctrine bill, sponsored by Rep. Christy Zito, was shutdown at every turn by Chairman

It’s no April Fool’s joke! The Republican Governor of South Dakota has vetoed Constitutional Carry.  South Dakota is a state that is controlled heavily by Republicans in both chambers and they have a Republican Governor as well. Sound familiar?  As many of you know, the battle for Constitutional Carry continues to rage across the country. States from Utah all the way to New Hampshire are proposing it and some like

Legislative Wrap Up Part 1: Castle Doctrine

It was a long and tumultuous session and at the end of the day the Idaho legislature let you down! Once again — the Secret Gun Committee and Establishment Leadership in the House — killed all efforts to push for better self-defense laws. It’s up to you to keep the pressure on them for next year’s session, and we’ll tell you how in a minute! From the time Constitutional Carry

Effort to Amend House Bill 93 Fails! Who's Responsible?

A huge vote just took place in the Idaho House State Affairs Committee this morning! House Committee Members voted 11-4 to kill expanding Constitutional Carry in Idaho by extending it to all law abiding citizens, regardless of the state they come from. So what happened and where do we go with this legislation from here? More on that below. House Bill 93, as it is currently written, would extend Constitutional Carry

Puic Hearing on Constitutional Carry TOMORROW! (March 2nd)

They are doing it again! We have just been informed that a gun bill hearing will be tomorrow (March 2nd) at 9:00 a.m. in the House State Affairs Committee Room which is located on the Garden Level (bottom floor). The bill is being carried by Rep. Don Cheatham (Republican-District 3). The bill Rep. Cheatham is putting forward will give current military members, who are not-residents, the ability to carry handguns

Join us for today's Gun Rally at the Capitol!

Today is the day gun owners have been waiting for. We hope that you will join us at the rally later on today as we gather to support the Castle Doctrine and removing the Residency Requirement for Constitutional Carry.  We will be meeting at the Center on the Grove at 3:00 and then marching to the Capitol for speeches from our guest speakers.  It will be a little chilly out

Gun Rally at the Capitol Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day! Once again, Idaho gun owners will march in support of gun rights expansion in Idaho. We will be marching to support the Castle Doctrine in Idaho as well as removing the residency requirement for Constitutional Carry. Details on the rally below. Last year over 1,000 Idaho gun owners marched in support of Constitutional Carry. After 4 long years of that battle, we finally prevailed. No

Idaho's Secret Gun Committee Strikes Again

A new year, the same old tactics. Chairman Tom Loertscher (R-32), of the House State Affairs Committee, is once again blocking pro-gun bills. Chairman Loertscher, who appears to do whatever the Secret Gun Committee tells him to do, is up to his old tricks. You can help fight back against the suppression of the people’s voice — and we’ll tell you how in just a few minutes. For those who