Gun Rally

Gun Rally at the Capitol Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day! Once again, Idaho gun owners will march in support of gun rights expansion in Idaho. We will be marching to support the Castle Doctrine in Idaho as well as removing the residency requirement for Constitutional Carry. Details on the rally below. Last year over 1,000 Idaho gun owners marched in support of Constitutional Carry. After 4 long years of that battle, we finally prevailed. No

Gun Rallies in Idaho

There are two gun rallies this week taking place in northern Idaho as part of our “Your Castle” tour. Now that Permitless Carry has become law, the ISAA is working on our next big bill which is an upgraded Castle Doctrine for Idahoans. We had our first rally in Mt. Home back in July and we are now moving up north to Lewiston and Bonner’s Ferry. The Lewiston rally will

Rally to Celebrate Permitless Carry in Idaho on July 1st!

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is holding a rally on July 1st, 2016 from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. to celebrate the first day of Permitless Carry in Idaho. July 1st is the first day the new law will take effect. At that time law abiding Idaho citizens who are 21 years and older can lawfully carry their firearm concealed without a permit except in certain places as specified by

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is excited to have a big lineup at the Rally for Constitutional Carry in 2016! Mr. Larry Pratt, President of the Gun Owners of America will be our keynote speaker. On a national level, the GOA represents a “no compromise” gun organization on the forefront of protecting our rights in Washington D.C. The ISAA and GOA have worked together in the past and we look

The ISAA is announcing that there will be a special membership discount for those individuals who attend the ISAA rallies coming up this fall! The first rally is just weeks away. Please use the following Facebook links and invite ALL your family and friends to attend: Twin Falls 9/24/2015 at 5:30 Meet at Red’s Trading Post Facebook Event Speakers: Greg Pruett, Lance Earl, and Sheriff Carter(Pending)  Pocatello 9/25/2015 at 5:30

UPDATE: Constitutional Carry Petition online now! Click here to sign now. The ISAA for several years has done an annual rally at the Idaho Capitol building. This year we wanted to reach out to more Idahoans and rally citizens across the state for Constitutional Carry. We have been pushing for Constitutional/Permitless Carry for 3 years and running and we are going to make sure the Idaho legislators and all other