House Bill 93

Legislative Wrap Up Part 12: Residency Bill

Do the legislators in Idaho really think they can discriminate against gun owners and get away with it? Well, in the 2017 legislative session they did just that! It was just over one year ago that Governor Otter signed Constitutional Carry into law. That meant that law abiding gun owners who were not prohibited by law from possessing a firearm could “bear” their arms without permission from the government. No

Effort to Amend House Bill 93 Fails! Who's Responsible?

A huge vote just took place in the Idaho House State Affairs Committee this morning! House Committee Members voted 11-4 to kill expanding Constitutional Carry in Idaho by extending it to all law abiding citizens, regardless of the state they come from. So what happened and where do we go with this legislation from here? More on that below. House Bill 93, as it is currently written, would extend Constitutional Carry

Puic Hearing on Constitutional Carry TOMORROW! (March 2nd)

They are doing it again! We have just been informed that a gun bill hearing will be tomorrow (March 2nd) at 9:00 a.m. in the House State Affairs Committee Room which is located on the Garden Level (bottom floor). The bill is being carried by Rep. Don Cheatham (Republican-District 3). The bill Rep. Cheatham is putting forward will give current military members, who are not-residents, the ability to carry handguns