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Idaho Second Amendment Alliance's Letter to President Donald J. Trump

  Contact: Greg Pruett Contact:  (208) 649-4810 Email: [email protected] February 22, 2018   Nine State Gun Rights Organizations Oppose Obama-Style Gun Control Proposals! On election night in 2016, gun owners saw their dreams come true as Hillary Clinton was defeated and President Trump was elected, thanks in no small measure to the tireless efforts of grassroots gun owners. After eight years of fighting with President Obama’s Administration to defend our gun

New ISAA Realtree Camouflage Hat! Limited Quantity!

“I can’t wait to get one of those!” That was the reaction I heard when I showed a couple members of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance our new Camouflage style hat. This is the first new hat we have released in over two years! Now, on top of the Tan and Black hats that we currently sell, we have an all new Camouflage hat(Realtree) made by our friends at Graffiti

Fight For The 2nd Amendment and Pick Up FREE Gear!

“I NEED one of those hats, my friend just got one in the mail yesterday and I simply NEED one for an upcoming family event.” So, said ISAA’s newest member when he emailed us yesterday looking to pick up his FREE ISAA Hat. In case you forgot, in celebration of Independence Day and our freedoms as American citizens, for the entire month of July ALL new ISAA memberships or renewals

Happy Independence Day From The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance!

Happy Independence Day from the board of directors of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance! On this day, 241 years ago, our nation adopted its Declaration of Independence, telling England that we would be a sovereign nation forever more. During the run-up to the 4th of July, private individuals and loose affiliations of people began to purchase and store weapons fearing all-out war with England. Hearing that everyday men and women

April Fundraising Goal Achieved! Thank You!

You did it! You guys stepped up big time and helped out the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance in a huge way. Our goal for fundraising for the month of April was to raise $1,225 to expand our social media advertising. We are happy to report that we have hit that goal! Your efforts are going to help us greatly increase our online social media presence until the end of the

$210 to go and 11 days to do it!

We are almost there! The great supporters of the 2nd Amendment in Idaho are stepping up in a big way right now. Our goal for fundraising in April is to raise $1,225 to do social media advertising. We are now just $210 away from meeting that goal thanks to all of you! Why are we doing this? By the beginning of next year, we would like to be in the

65% of the way thanks to you!

You guys are making this happen! We mentioned just last week that we are trying to get our page advertised on Facebook from May 1st to December 31st of this year. In order to advertise $5 a day we have to raise $1,225. We are happy to report that we are already 65% of the way there! We have raised $775 toward our ultimate goal of $1,225. We have just

We Need Your Help With Castle Doctrine!

Are you in favor of better self-defense laws for Idaho? Then please read on! After Constitutional Carry was passed last year, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance sought to strengthen Idaho’s Castle Doctrine law. Castle Doctrine is the simple concept that says your home is your Castle, and you have a right to defend it. What is the Castle Doctrine and how can you help move it forward? More on that

Legislative Wrap Up Part 12: Residency Bill

Do the legislators in Idaho really think they can discriminate against gun owners and get away with it? Well, in the 2017 legislative session they did just that! It was just over one year ago that Governor Otter signed Constitutional Carry into law. That meant that law abiding gun owners who were not prohibited by law from possessing a firearm could “bear” their arms without permission from the government. No

Legislative Wrap Up Part 1: Castle Doctrine

It was a long and tumultuous session and at the end of the day the Idaho legislature let you down! Once again — the Secret Gun Committee and Establishment Leadership in the House — killed all efforts to push for better self-defense laws. It’s up to you to keep the pressure on them for next year’s session, and we’ll tell you how in a minute! From the time Constitutional Carry