Oath Breakers

3 Anti-2nd Amendment Candidates Lose in Idaho Primary Races

3 of the 4 known anti-2nd Amendment candidates who were running in the Republican Primaries yesterday (May 17th) lost their election battles. Only one candidate managed to make it through. These are the 4 races the ISAA worked in to educate voters on where these candidates stood on the 2nd Amendment. Early in the evening Rep. Maxine Bell (R-25) won her re-election bid by defeating challenger Reggy Sternes. Rep. Bell

Reggy Sternes to Challenge Rep. Maxine Bell (R-25)

Reggy Sternes is challenging Rep. Maxine Bell in District 25 in the Republican Primary for Seat A on May 17th. To be sure you remember, Rep. Maxine Bell is one of 4 Republicans to vote against Permitless/Constitutional Carry (SB 1389) during the 2016 Idaho legislative session. Instead of voting to protect gun rights, she has chosen to vote against them by siding with Michael Bloomberg and Moms Demand Action. She

Rep. Rich Wills (Glenns Ferry, Mt. Home, Homedale) Votes Against Gun Rights!!!

Rep. Richard Wills, a Republican from District 23 (Glenns Ferry, Mt. Home, Homedale, Marsing, Hammett, King Hill, and Atlanta) has VOTED AGAINST a gun rights bill in the 2016 Idaho Legislative Session! Rep. Rich Wills is in his 7th term in office and is facing a primary challenge on May 17th, 2016 in the Statewide Primary election. Gun Owners across the State of Idaho have overwhelmingly supported Constitutional Carry and

The ISAA is announcing a new list that will help Idaho citizens identify elected officials who have broken their oath to defend the 2nd Amendment (part of the U.S. Constitution) or have spoken out against the 2nd Amendment and bills that support it. The first names to be added to the list are: Gary Rainey: Sheriff of Ada County Amy Evans: CDA City Council Ron Edinger: CDA City Council Kiki