In recent months the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has been working with the cities of Middleton and Rupert to get changes made to their firearms ordinances which were outdated and out of compliance with Idaho’s preemption statute. The City of Middleton had an ordinance which prohibited firearms in city parks. The mayor and city council had recently made changes to the entire city code and had left the ordinance banning

There are several important meetings coming up in several Idaho towns. In the City of Troy a meeting will take place on June 24th, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. This meeting is to discuss possible changes to the cities current firearms ordinances which are in violation of state law. Passed in the 1960’s, the ordinances are outdated and in contradiction to preemption that was passed in 2008. One ordinance prohibits the

We want to commend the Kootenai County Parks Department, Commissioners, and Sheriff for their quick response in getting signs updated that were in violation of state law. While some cities/counties take months to get corrections done, it took Kootenai County just a couple days to do so! They were in constant communication with the ISAA. We want to also thank some of our members who also voiced their concern and

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has received several new updates today (May 15th, 2015) in regards to our Preemption Project. For details on our project click on the “Legislative Efforts” tab and select “Preemption Project”. The city of Soda Springs has an ordinance forbidding the discharge of firearms within city limits. An exception is made for police officers acting in the line of duty but no exception exists for citizens

We have been informed that Bonners Ferry has updated their firearms ordinance to be in compliance with Idaho law. We have been informed that the vote was unanimous. The ISAA sent the Bonners Ferry city council and mayor a letter several months ago informing them of their violation and we appreciate their help in getting this ordinance fixed. You can help fund these projects by donating to the ISAA today

There are several City Council Meetings upcoming that we need citizens to attend to show support for ordinance changes. As the ISAA continues its efforts to get city and county codes in alignment with state law, we need citizens to back us up. There are three upcoming meetings and if you live in one of these towns, or know someone who does, please attend. 1. Bonners Ferry: Tuesday, April 21st,

We are pleased to announce that the city of Kuna has updated a firearms ordinance that was in violation of state law. Kuna’s ordinance prohibited firearms from a public skate park which is a violation of Idaho’s preemption statute. The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance sent them a letter several months ago asking them to update the ordinance and bring it in compliance. This brings the total number of municipalities that

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance sent a letter to the city of Wilder several months ago notifying them that their firearms ordinance was in violation of state law. We have been working with them ever since on a solution. We are happy to announce that Wilder has repealed the ordinance altogether and their code is now in line with Idaho statute. This brings the total number of cities/counties that have