Tell Our Legislators To Support H.B. 444 (Stand-Your-Ground)!

Gun grabbers have officially mobilized against Stand-Your-Ground in Idaho.

We knew there would be a fight to pass this crucial piece of legislation, and now that fight is in full swing.

Just this morning, Bloomberg’s minions from Mom’s Demand Action assembled in Boise to spread lies about H.B. 444, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance’s Stand-Your-Ground proposal.

It’s up to you and me to counter their lies, and send a clear message that H.B. 444 protects innocent victims and that you demand they vote in favor of it — more on that in a moment.

We knew they wouldn’t go down without a fight.

Time and again, Bloomberg and his crony activists and politicians take a law that protects innocent people and they try to stop it.

They lie about it.

They distort facts.

They use flawed research to try and prove their points.

And now they are out in full force in Idaho, trying to convince legislators that Stand-Your-Ground is going to bring back the “wild west” and that “murders will increase.”

These lies and talking points have been proven false over and over again by Professor John Lott of the Crime Research Institute.

And there are already some weak-kneed Republicans claiming that “all is fine” and that “the current law is sufficient.”

In case you are new to our email list, let us remind you of the dangers of leaving the law the way it is currently written.

You see, politicians, gun grabbers, and attorneys who tell you the law is fine, aren’t telling you about the Iverson case from Idaho in 2014 that exposed the giant flaws in our current self-defense laws.

They won’t tell you that the judge in that case said that despite the case law saying you have no “duty to retreat,” a prosecutor can submit evidence that a “reasonable person” would have done something differently than you!

That’s right, even though you felt you needed to defend yourself, a jury can determine you should have run away!

You are then on the hook for murder, simply for standing your ground!

Does that sound like justice to you?

That’s what H.B. 444 will fix.

H.B. 444 favors the law-abiding citizen who is forced to defend their life, or the lives of their loved ones.

The bill contains all of the key provisions that gun owners want in a self-defense law including:

>>> Face no so-called “duty to retreat.” Under Idaho law, this isn’t a requirement. However, a prosecutor is free to argue you could have avoided a dicey situation by retreating, and a jury could be persuaded to agree.

In a situation where your life is on the line, the LAST thing you want to be thinking about is what some anti-gun judge or prosecutor might say;

>>> Receive criminal immunity from anti-gun prosecutors. In other words, no more anti-gun prosecutors trying to make an example of you — or taking you to to court to make a political statement;

>>> Have the presumption of innocence. That means that from the moment you are forced to defend your life against a violent attacker, you are innocent until the state proves you to be guilty!

Does that sound like the type of self-defense laws you want in Idaho?

If so, then H.B. 444 does all of that!

But just as we begin our efforts to move the law along, our enemies are equally anxious to kill the bill.

Additionally, we know that other “pro-gun” groups are beginning to write another bill that will do far less than H.B. 444 does.

You must make it clear that H.B. 444 is the law you want to pass, and that nothing less will be acceptable.

What can you do?

First, the link below is a pre-written email that will go to EVERY legislator in Idaho! It tells them that you want H.B. 444 to pass and that you expect their support and vote in favor of it!

Tell the Idaho legislature to support H.B. 444!

Second, now is the most crucial time of the year for us to push legislation and we need as many gun owners active as possible to get H.B. 444 to the next step.

So if you are willing, please consider a donation of $100 or $50 today to help us mobilize gun owners in this crucial fight.

If that is too much for now, then please consider a smaller donation of $25 or just $10 right now to help make H.B. 444 a possibility in Idaho.

Time is running out and we need your immediate help!

A public hearing on H.B. 444 could take place as early as Monday (2-11-2018) and we need to be ready.

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

With a public hearing slated for H.B. 444 in the next week, gun owners must be ready to push back against the lies of the gun grabbers.

Bloomberg and his minions from Mom’s Demand Action are at it again.

They continue to spread lies and distort the truth about gun owners and the laws that protect law-abiding citizens.

In the main body of the email above, we have provided a link to email the entire legislature that demands they support and vote in favor of H.B. 444, the Stand-Your-Ground bill.

Finally, please chip in $100 or $50 today to help us mobilize more gun owners in this fight.

If that is simply too much, then a smaller donation of $25 or $10 will greatly increase our chances of moving H.B. 444 to the next step.

Thank you!