Tell Your Legislators to Co-Sponsor Stand-Your-Ground-Expansion

Stand-Your-Ground expansion in Idaho has cleared the first hurdle!

It’s long past time for Idaho to catch up with other states that better protect gun owners that are forced to use their firearms in self-defense. This is the year to finally finish our fight for complete Stand-Your-Ground.

But, as we all know, it’s never easy to get gun bills through Idaho’s capitol.

Despite an overwhelming Republican majority, it often takes massive pressure from gun owners to get pro-2nd Amendment bills moving through the capitol.

With a lot of new legislators in Boise, after moderate Republicans took a beating in November, now is the time for conservative Republicans to finally show the country that Idaho is the leader in pro-2nd Amendment legislation.

The good news is, Stand-Your-Ground expansion has already cleared the first hurdle, with a unanimous vote at the print hearing a few days ago.

State Senator Scott Herndon (R-1) gave an excellent presentation on what our Stand-Your-Ground bill will do. SB 1004 protects innocent Idahoans who act in self-defense in a way that states like Washington and Florida already do.

SB 1004 does some crucial things for Idahoans.

First, no longer will an anti-gun prosecutor be able to have you jailed for months on end simply because they want to give you the Kyle Rittenhouse treatment.

Under SB 1004, gun owners will be able to invoke Stand-Your-Ground in a pre-trial motion within 14 days of being jailed!

If the prosecution doesn’t provide sufficient evidence for the charge, then they can no longer hold you in jail. Evidence must be clear that you acted inappropriately.

Second, if you are found “not guilty” by a jury of your peers, the judge can “poll” the jury and find out why they found you not guilty. If the jury says that you acted in self-defense, the judge has the ability to award attorney’s fees to be paid for by the county that was trying to imprison you.

That’s it in a nutshell.

While SB 1004 is common sense to the vast majority of Idahoans, it is far from a sure victory as well all know. Despite the success of today’s hearing, we have a lot of work to do as gun owners.


There is very little time to get bills moving, and Sen. Herndon needs your help encouraging his fellow legislators to co-sponsor SB 1004!

That’s why we need your help right away.

Your legislators need to know that tens of thousands of gun owners want the protection that SB 1004 will afford them should they have the unfortunate circumstance of being forced to defend their life or the life of a loved one.

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has made it as easy as possible for Idaho’s gun owners to contact their legislators.

Simply click on the red button below and all you have to do is enter your address so our system can locate your legislators for you.

Once you have done that, we have a pre-written email ready to go for you to send your legislators a message co-sponsor Stand-Your-Ground expansion with SB 1004! In less than one minute, you’ll have an email fired off and the pressure in the capitol mounting.


Once you have sent your email to your legislators, we need you to forward this email to as many Idahoans as possible.

The more legislators hear from gun owners on this critical issue, the more they are willing to help this bill move through the capitol. But, if we don’t create that pressure, they are more likely to kill the bill before it ever gets momentum.

You are the key to making SB 1004 move through the capital.

Now is the time for gun owners to make their voices heard.

So, please be sure to send your pre-written email right away. Then, be sure to forward this email to everyone you know.

We want to thank Sen. Scott Herndon for his great presentation of SB 1004 today, and for standing with gun owners in his first legislative session!

Now, let’s stand with him in the fight for Stand-Your-Ground expansion.

For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. Our Stand-Your-Ground expansion bill (SB 1004) has cleared the first hurdle by getting passed a “print hearing.”

Now we await a full public hearing which could take place in the next few weeks.

But, the bill’s sponsor, State Senator Scott Herndon (R-1), needs your help in getting co-sponsors for the legislation.

That’s why we are asking that you immediately email your legislators to tell them that you want them to co-sponsor SB 1004!


When you’re done doing that, please forward this email to as many Idahoans as possible so they can help us create massive momentum for Stand-Your-Ground expansion.