The 2018 Idaho Legislative Session Has Begun!

The 2018 Legislative Session is underway, and the fight for Stand-Your-Ground in Idaho has begun.

We have been preparing for this day for months now, and we are anxious to get gun owners active and mobilized in this fight.

Your help will be critical to our success, and we’ll tell you what you can do in just a moment.

Pro-gun reforms are sweeping across the country right now.

We have seen Constitutional Carry pass in 13 states, including Idaho!

But what about Stand-Your-Ground? Is there any progress there?

Yes, there is!

It was just two years ago that we saw Missouri become the first state to pass Stand-Your-Ground law since the George Zimmerman case took place in Florida.

And just last year, Iowa became the second state to pass Stand-Your-Ground.

Gun owners are demanding the best self-defense laws they can get, and Idaho is in desperate need of an overhaul to our Stand-Your-Ground and Castle Doctrine laws.

You see, gun grabbers are losing all across America!

They are losing at the polls and they are losing in state capitols as more pro-gun reforms continue to pass.

You have to wonder, with so much winning, why is it so difficult in a state like Idaho to pass Stand-Your-Ground and other pro-gun reforms?

Are some legislators in the pocket of Michael Bloomberg and his anti-gun cronies from Moms Demand Action?

Or are they just not as pro-2nd Amendment as they claim?

The excuses we hear from supposed “pro-2nd Amendment” politicians haven’t changed in the last 5 years.


“The timing isn’t right.”

The timing is never right for politicians. They get safely into office and then do their best to do nothing.


“Maybe next year.”

They never want to do it this year. It’s always about pushing it off another year, hoping you’ll give up.


“It’s a complicated issue and we just aren’t sure.”

The 2nd Amendment isn’t that complicated. You are either with the people who elected you or you are listening to special interests who are lining your pockets.


“We just don’t have the votes.”

How is that possible when Republicans control 80% of both chambers? Didn’t all of you campaign on a pro-2nd Amendment platform?

Even their scapegoat, Senator Bart Davis, is no longer in office.

You see, whenever I would approach House members about Constitutional Carry or Stand-Your-Ground, many of them would tell me, “Well it will pass the House but Senator Davis will never vote for it.”

He is no longer a Senator in Idaho after his appointment to the Federal Court system.

So, what will be their excuse this year?

No matter what they come up with, gun owners need to send a loud and clear message, “Pass Stand-Your-Ground or we’ll remember this at the ballot box!”

The reality is that politicians care about one thing — getting re-elected.

If they do not feel that their job is in jeopardy, then they aren’t going to move on an issue.

That’s why your activism is so crucial.

When they see that the electorate are involved, active, and ready to throw them out of office, then things start to happen in Boise.

What can you do to help?

Right now we need as many members to join the ISAA as possible!

The larger our numbers, the harder it is for them to ignore us.

So if you can join at the Lifetime Member level as some are doing then that is fantastic.

But if that is simply too much right now, then join at our Bronze level ($35) and be a part of the largest grassroots group in the state of Idaho.

And if you just recently joined, then please consider a donation of $100, $50, or even $25 today to help us kick the session off with a bang!

Finally, make sure to follow us on Facebook.

During the hectic pace of the session, Facebook is often the place to get the quickest information.

If you are already following us on Facebook, then be sure to invite your family and friends to “Like” our page as well!

Because this is an election year, the legislature is going to be looking at getting done as quickly as possible.

That means our window is very limited to get this bill passed, and we need you to be ready at a moments notice to take action!

God speed and let’s roll!


Greg Pruett

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. The 2018 Idaho Legislative Session is underway, and we are excited about fighting for better Stand-Your-Ground in Idaho!

That means we need gun owners ready to battle for their gun rights.

With this being an election year, the time is now for Idahoans to get the best self-defense laws that we can and we can’t do that without you.

To help us kick off this session, please be sure to join the ISAA today at the Lifetime level!

If that is too much right now, then join us at our Bronze level membership of $35 and help us mobilize even more gun owners in Idaho!

Thank you!