The ISAA Meeting With the White House on Red Flag Laws?!

Dear Site,A rare opportunity has surfaced for gun owners in Idaho.We have the chance to have direct representation with White House staffers to let them know Idahoans oppose an

Dear Site,

A rare opportunity has surfaced for gun owners in Idaho.

We have the chance to have direct representation with White House staffers to let them know Idahoans oppose any and all forms of Red Flag laws!

We may never have a chance like this again. 

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance will need your help to make this trip happen, and we’ll get to that in a minute

You see, the battle over Red Flag laws continues to rage. 

Gun grabbers across the country continue to push these unconstitutional laws on the American people. These traitors also include those from the Republican Party such as Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio.

Additionally, bad advice from the NRA on Red Flag laws (their own YouTube video here shows their support) has made the problem worse. 

That’s why it is crucial we get to D.C. as soon as possible to tell the White House that gun owners across the country are OPPOSED to Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders!

We have to ensure that President Trump knows gun owners in Idaho do not support any version of Red Flag laws, and that supporting Red Flag laws could cost him the election in 2020. 

Time is quickly running out for us to take action.

I have been given a special invitation to attend a meeting with White House staffers and other gun right’s leaders across the country to discuss specifically the issue of Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders in the next few weeks

Leaders from the American Firearms Coalition and I would be attending the meeting and delivering over 100,000 petitions to President Trump. 

However, to pull this off we need to raise some additional funds. While the ISAA currently has the funds to make this trip happen. we feel it would be dishonest to use funds dedicated for other purposes and instead use them for this trip.

That’s why we are seeking to raise approximately $1,050 (flight, hotel, rental car, and food) to cover the trip

We have even created a link here where you can donate to help chip in!

The good news is that we have already raised over $600 which means we only need approximately $400 to raise the funds to make the ISAA going to D.C. to oppose gun control a reality. 

So, if you can chip in $10 or even just $5 today to help make this trip a reality then be sure to donate here.

If you would like to donate $100 to get us even closer then that is appreciated as well. No matter what you can do we are extremely grateful for your support. 

It’s time that Idaho has a word with the White House on Red Flag laws and why we are opposed to them. 

This is YOUR chance to make your voice heard. 

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance



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