The Primary Election is Over. The Results?

Could 2020 be any more crazy?

America hasn’t seen a chaotic year like this in decades.

Unfortunately, we are only halfway through what many expect to get even more tumultuous as we get closer to the November election.

Elections have consequences as they say and Idaho just completed its 2020 primary election. A number of gun control advocates were pushing hard against pro-2nd Amendment legislators.

So, how did it go down on election night?

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Rep. Christy Zito who was running for an open State Senate seat won by defeating Brenda Richards.

Zito has proven herself to be a stalwart champion of gun rights and will now serve in the Idaho Senate for the next two years.

She defeated Richards despite heavy establishment spending on Richards and the numerous establishment endorsements that Richards received.

Another notable race was that of current State Senator Regina Bayer, Republican in District 21.

Bayer was being challenged by a Republican who filled out the ISAA survey with every question answered incorrectly.

Bayer defeated challenger Wendy Webb by just over 250 votes!

Rep. Chad Christensen and Rep. Julianne Young in southern Idaho are both champions of gun rights and were challenged by incumbents who not only refused to fill out the ISAA survey, but also made attacks against our organization.

Christensen and Young both won their races as well.

In fact, attacking the ISAA seemed to be a common effort by the establishment.

In District 8, Rep. Dorothy Moon was challenged by LaVerne Sessions who also refused to fill out the ISAA survey and attacked me and the great gun owners who support this organization.

Rep. Moon defeated Sessions 64% to 36%.

Up north, Rep. Sage Dixon was being challenged by Gary Suppiger who also decided not to fill out the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance candidate survey and attacked our efforts in Idaho.

Sadly for Mr. Suppiger, the voters in his District didn’t seem to agree with his sentiments. It should also be noted that Mr. Suppiger was supported by radical-left organization Reclaim Idaho.

Dixon defeated Suppiger 78% to 22% in the biggest lopsided victory of the night for gun owners.

A lot more happened and you can read about some of the results in a piece I wrote over on the Idaho Dispatch here.

I am proud of the hard work that so many of you did in exposing gun grabbers and those who are weak-kneed on the 2nd Amendment. We can’t do any of this without you!

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to join as a member of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance right away.

The madness of 2020 is going to continue and the election results in November, no matter who wins, is not going to calm that madness.

If President Trump wins the radical and violent left is going to spend four more years burning down our country.

If Biden defeats Trump, you can expect a lot of gun control coming our way. Then the prices of firearms and ammunition will increase exponentially.

Either way, we will never compromise and we are the only group in Idaho fighting hard for your gun rights.

So, no matter what you do today, join the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and help us keep Idaho the best pro-2nd Amendment state in the country!

Thank you again for all of your efforts in defending Idaho.

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance