The Winner of the Ruger 1911 is…



Dear Site,                      October 24th, 2018  

As you know, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance recently asked our members to sign our ‘Second Amendment Pledge,’ promising to support only pro-gun candidates in the upcoming elections.

Everyone who signed their pledge, whether online or through the mail, was automatically entered to win a FREE Ruger 1911 with custom ISAA grips courtesy of Red’s Trading Post in Twin Falls.

I’m pleased to announce that the winner of this incredible firearm – one of the most iconic military firearms in our nation’s military — is Dixie Curtis from Pocatello!

We have reached out to Dixie to give her the good news, and expect to meet with her to give her this gun in the near future.

(We will post pictures on our Facebook page when we do.)

Thank you to everyone who signed their pledge. It is vital that gun owners stand tall this fall and fight for the Second Amendment.

Idaho is certainly nearing a crossroads right now, and our gun rights are under attack.

We have Bloomberg’s minions from Mom’s Demand Action fighting hard in Idaho right now to stomp on your 2nd Amendment rights.

And let us not forget that BOTH Republicans and Democrats almost rammed gun control through the Idaho House earlier this year.

Gun Grabbers like Rep. Elaine Smith (Democrat – Pocatello) are hoping to have an impact the next election cycle by getting more Representatives elected who will help with their gun control schemes.

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance continues our efforts to inform the public about where candidates stand on 2nd Amendment issues.

We continue our efforts to expose frauds who claim they support the 2nd Amendment, but actually take stances against it.

For instance, Paulette Jordan who is running for Governor, has opposed AR-15’s, stands in favor of registration and licensing of firearms, and wants to implement Universal Background Checks.

It’s going to be your choice in November on who you want to represent you, so make sure you get out and vote pro-gun!

In the meantime, thank you again to everyone who signed your ‘Second Amendment Pledge!’

And a big congratulations to Dixie on winning such a nice pistol!

If you’re not yet a member of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, please stand with us in the fight for the Second Amendment by becoming one TODAY!

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance