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The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is seeking an upgraded Castle Doctrine for Idaho citizens. The current version is outdated and does not protect gun owners like it should. Here, ISAA President Greg Pruett talks with ISAA attorney Alexandria Kincaid about the issue.

The City of Buhl is pushing back against changing their illegal ordinance. ISAA President Greg Pruett stopped by and talked about the issue with the ISAA attorneys.

ISAA President Greg Pruett speaks out against SB 1378 which will bring Permitless Carry to Idaho residents 21 and over but will at the same time take away Permitless Carry outside of city limits to millions of non-residents who have the ability and 18-20 year old Idaho residents. Did Idaho legislators forget what “shall not be infringed” means?

Take time to learn what amendments may be making their way into Permitless Carry legislation in Idaho!