Watered-Down Stand-Your-Ground Bill Has Public Hearing Tomorrow!

We knew this day was coming.

Despite hundreds, even thousands of phone calls and emails, the establishment is moving forward with their plan to pass a “gun bill” that won’t actually improve our self-defense laws.

You need to let them know you expect and demand better — more on that in a second.

The hearing for Senate Bill 1313 is tomorrow and we need you to make your voice heard right away before it’s too late.

Senate Bill 1313 is not the improvement to self-defense laws that gun owners are asking for.

>>> There is no unequivocal presumption of innocence. You will not automatically be presumed innocent when you are forced to defend yourself.

>>> There is no criminal immunity. This means that anti-gun prosecutors will still be able to drag you through the court system and bankrupt you financially, just for defending your life.

>>> There is no closing of the “Stand-Your-Ground” loophole. Despite the codification of case law and jury instruction into our statutes, S.B. 1313 will still allow judges and prosecutors to submit evidence that you could have run away, landing you in jail for murder.

Is that what you asked for as a gun owner? No!

H.B. 444 fixes all of the above issues and that’s what you have asked us to fight for and for the legislators to pass.

You are being ignored by the people you elected.

However, it’s not too late to let them know that S.B. 1313 just isn’t good enough.

We have provided a pre-written email for you to send out IMMEDIATELY before tomorrow’s hearing.

Send the Senate State Affairs Committee an email here!

Next, please call each member of the committee and tell them to amend S.B. 1313 and implement the provisions of H.B. 444 into the bill!

Senator Siddoway (Chair): 208-332-1342
Senator Hagedorn (Vice-Chair): 208-332-1334
Senator Brent Hill: 208-332-1324
Senator Chuck Winder: 208-332-1354
Senator Patti Anne Lodge: 208-332-1320
Senator Steve Vick: 208-332-1345
Senator Kelly Anthon: 208-332-1327
Senator Michelle Stennett: 208-332-1353
Senator Cherie Buckner-Webb: 208-332-133

When is the hearing?

Time: 8:00 a.m.
Date: 2/26/2018 (That’s tomorrow!)
Location: West Wing Room 55 (Senate State Affairs)

This is a public hearing and that means you are allowed to comment and testify. We encourage all gun owners to attend.

No matter what you do, please send your email immediately and then make the necessary phone calls.

Thank you!

Seth Rosquist

Chairman of the Board
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance