What are you doing for Constitutional Carry?

The 2015 legislative session is now complete and the Idaho legislature once again ignored the Idaho citizens and spit upon your rights. You demanded that they take up House Bill 89 (Constitutional Carry) and they completely ignored you to push their own agenda (House Bill 301). We may have lost the battle in 2015 but we aren’t giving up!!!

So what can you do before the 2016 legislative session to help further the cause of Constitutional Carry?

We need all Idaho citizens reaching out to their legislators and sheriffs and demanding that Constitutional Carry be voted on. We can’t do all the work. They need to hear from their constituents that you want Constitutional Carry and we need to know where they stand. We have set up a tab under “Legislative Efforts” called “Where do they stand on Constitutional Carry?” We will keep a running tab of your legislators and sheriff’s stances on the issue. We need all Idahoans to send us “proof” that your legislator took a stand in one direction or another. Whether that is an email, a Facebook post, Tweet, or audio recording. We need to see their stance.

2016 is an election year and a great time to hold the legislators accountable for their votes. Please join us and help hold your legislators and sheriff accountable.

If you hear about town hall meetings that they will be holding them please let us know so we can post the dates and times for all Idaho citizens.

Please send legislative and sheriff responses to [email protected]