Which Idaho Legislators Oppose Gun Confiscation Orders?

Dear Site,Gun owners across Idaho want to know where their legislators working in Boise stand on Gun Confiscation Orders, also known as Red Flag laws.The Idaho Second Amendment

Dear Site,

Gun owners across Idaho want to know where their legislators working in Boise stand on Gun Confiscation Orders, also known as Red Flag laws.

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance sent “Red Flag” cards to EVERY legislator at the beginning of the legislative session, and asked them one simple question: “Do you oppose any and all forms of Red Flag laws?”

How did they answer and where do we go from here? More on that in just a moment.

Bloomberg and his cronies are pushing Gun Confiscation Orders across the country. They have been successful in getting them passed in over a dozen states.

These laws are not only unconstitutional, but they are also a surefire way for gun grabbers to start turning in any gun owner because they believe we are “dangerous” to ourselves or others.

We have already seen that Gun Confiscation Orders in Maryland led to the death of an innocent man because refused to comply with a Gun Confiscation Order. How many more innocent people will die before these laws are stopped?  

You may be asking, “What are Gun Confiscation Orders?” 

Simply put, they allow someone who “knows” you to have your firearms confiscated through an order from a judge.

You are NOT indicted.

You are NOT charged with a crime.

You are NOT arrested for a crime.

You are NOT brought before a jury of your peers.

You are NOT allowed to face your accuser.

Your firearms are confiscated and you have to go to court at a later date to try and get them back!

Many of these Gun Confiscation Orders are done at an ex-parte hearing. That means that several people will determine whether you are allowed to keep your guns, and you have no idea this decision is being made behind your back. 

It is the movie “Minority Report” coming to life in the form of “Red Flag” laws.

Idaho’s gun owners oppose these atrocious laws and we wanted to find out where all legislators stand, and that’s why we started this “Red Flag” survey program.  

Here is a list of Idaho legislators who returned our pledge card to oppose Gun Confiscation Orders (Red Flag laws) in Idaho:

Rep. Heather Scott (R-1), Rep. Vito Barbieri (R-2), Rep. John Green (R-2), Rep. Tony Wisniewski (R-3), Sen. Dan Johnson (R-6),
Rep. Mike Kingsley (R-6),Rep. Thyra Stevenson (R-6), Sen. Carl Crabtree (R-7), Rep. Priscilla Giddings (R-7), Sen. Steven Thayn (R-8),
Rep. Tammy Nichols (R-11), Rep. Christy Zito (R-23), Sen. Lee Heider (R-24), Sen. Steve Bair (R-31), Rep. Julianne Young (R-31), Rep. Chad Christensen (R-32), Rep. Byran Zollinger (R-33), Rep. Barbara Ehardt (R-33)

Here is a list of legislators that are “Unsure” whether they oppose the laws or not:
Rep. Kevin Andrus (R-28)

Here is a list of legislators that are “Supportive” of some form of gun control:
Rep. Chris Abernathy (D-29)

Here is a list of some additional legislators that did not sign the pledge but indicated in an email that they oppose Red Flag laws:
Sen. Steve Vick (R-2), Rep. Caroline Troy (R-5), Rep. Dorothy Moon (R-8)

This means just over 20% of Idaho legislators are willing to go on record opposing Gun Confiscation Orders! This one question survey should have been the easiest survey they have ever done.

Are there large amounts of legislators who are favorable to Gun Confiscation Orders in Idaho? The lack of response from many of them is certainly concerning.

If you don’t see your legislators name on the “pledge” list then we need you to contact them right away!

As gun owners we need your help in making sure that Idaho’s elected officials NEVER consider Gun Confiscation Orders by doing several things:

1. Contact them by email, phone, letter, Facebook, Twitter, or at town hall meetings! Demand an answer!

2. Consider donating to the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance today and help us expand our “Red Flag Card” program! Some are already donating $200, $100, or $75 to help us with this program

If that is simply too much right now then we would also greatly appreciate a smaller donation of $50 or $25 to help us expand this crucial program.

Our goal is to expand this program to include our Congressional delegation, county sheriffs, and if possible every city and town elected official!

But such a massive program takes time and money, and we can only do it with your help.  

Some elected officials are going to give you simple answers such as, “I believe in the 2nd Amendment.” They may say something like, “I oppose gun control.” 

Those answers aren’t good enough!

You make sure to tell them you want a direct answer to the question, “Do you oppose any and all forms of Red Flag laws?” 

Nothing short of “Yes” or “No” should be sufficient enough of an answer. And don’t forget to get their answer in writing, or recorded on video/audio! 

You have the power to get the answers you deserve. Don’t let up on your elected officials until they respond to your request.

They are supposed to represent you after all!

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. Legislators in Boise have had the opportunity to respond to our one question survey on Gun Confiscation Orders and whether or not they oppose them. 

Only 20 legislators filled out our survey stating their opposition! One legislator said he supports Gun Confiscation Orders and one other legislator said he wasn’t sure. 

You can see the complete list in the main body of the email above.

We need your help to continue this program until all legislators go on record, and we need your help to expand the program even further to include sheriffs, Congressmen, and city and town elected officials.

To help us do that, we are asking you to donate $200, $100, or even just $25 today to get this program running all over Idaho! 

Thank you!


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