Will Governor Otter Sign Constitutional Carry?

The Senate has passed Senate Bill 1389 and as of 10:30 a.m. this morning (3/21/2016) the Governor’s office has not yet received the bill. It often takes several days to be transmitted to him.

The question on everyone’s mind is, what will the Governor do?

Will he sign it or will he veto it?

No one really knows and the Governor has made no indication since it’s passage on whether or not he will sign the bill into law or not. Previously the Governor had mentioned to ISAA Executive Director Greg Pruett on the Kevin Miller Show that he supported the concept of Constitutional Carry.

However, earlier this year the Governor seemed to waver on his previous position.

One thing is for certain, Idaho citizens by the thousands of signed petitions, sent emails, and called the Governor to tell him that they want him to sign the bill.

The time is now for Idaho to join the ranks of other states who are expanding and restoring gun rights in a big way.

Call and email the Governor RIGHT NOW and tell him you want him to sign SB 1389!

His email: [email protected]

His phone: 208-334-2100