Will You Be There?

This is going to be the biggest event in Idaho Second Amendment Alliance history.

This will be the event in the 2018 Gubernatorial Election that everyone is talking about.

But we need your help.

More on that below.

Our Board of Directors had a long conversation about what we wanted to do for a rally in the 2018 session.

Normally we do our annual rally at the Capitol but we wanted to do something different since we have a new Governor being elected.

Governor Otter has said he will not seek re-election.

Our decision was to hold a special “Second Amendment Forum” for all Gubernatorial candidates.

Every candidate. Any party. All will be invited.

The date of this forum will be February 27th, 2018.

The location is the Nampa Civic Center in Nampa, Idaho.

Idaho’s Governor is in the unique position to give the final stamp of approval for gun rights bills or the final veto, killing it.

Idaho still has some work to do in the gun rights battle and we need a Governor who is going to stand with gun owners and LEAD the gun rights movement!

One of the biggest criticisms of Governor Otter, from many gun owners is that he refuses to take charge on gun issues.

Last year, he was less than enthused about signing Constitutional Carry — a monumental victory for gun owners in Idaho!

He only signed it because gun owners spoke out!

That’s not that type of leadership we need in Idaho.

Who will step up and lead Idaho’s gun rights battles in 2018 and moving forward? That’s why we are holding this important event.

The field is going to be very crowded, especially on the Republican side.

Four Republican candidates have already filed:

  * Russ Fulcher (Former State Senator)
  * Raul Labrador (Congressman-District 1)
  * Brad Little (Lt. Governor)
  * Tommy Ahlquist (Physician and Developer)

All four of the Republicans who have filed to run for Idaho’s Governor seat have received invitations to the event.

Currently, only Russ Fulcher has accepted our invitation!

Candidates have until August 31st to accept or decline our invitation to the event.
Only one Democrat has filed as of today, but the man is homeless and was recently arrested and thrown in jail on a petty theft charge. We have been unable to find a way to give him an invitation.

While we continue to prepare for this historical event, we need help.

We need the help of Idaho’s gun owners!

Between booking of the Nampa Civic Center, advertising, and other materials needed for hosting such a monumental event — we are trying to raise a total of $2,000 in the next three months.

But it is worth it to put on the greatest Second Amendment event for Idaho’s citizens.

So, what can you do?

>>> First and foremost, book yourself your own ticket by donating $10 today! You get one ticket per $10 donated.

    Seating is limited to 630 people. We are asking that only voting age citizens attend the event.

    Tickets for the general public won’t be given out until we have raised the necessary funds to host the event.

    That means that all donors will get seats first and we will reserve the front rows for those donors.

>>> Once you have booked your own seat please share our Facebook Event link here and help spread the word about the event.

We have a very unique opportunity to listen to all these candidates as they put forward their reasons for wanting to lead the gun rights battle from 2018 on in Idaho.

Remember that the next Governor could potentially be the one to stop an anti-gun President should Donald Trump not win re-election.

We need someone strong on gun rights — not weak.

Just as you helped us fund our important advertising campaign, we now need your help in hosting this important event.

Thank you in advance for your donation and support!

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance


P.S. On February 27th, 2018 the ISAA will be hosting the biggest Second Amendment event in our group’s history.

You will have the opportunity to come and meet the next Governor of the State of Idaho!

The venue we have booked can only hold 630 people so seating will be limited. That means you need to get your ticket now.

Donate $10 or more today and get your ticket! Once the cost of the event has been covered, all other tickets will be donated to the general public.

Thank you!