Wisconsin Should Be A Wakeup Call To Gun Owners!

Last night should be a wake-up call for all gun owners who want to protect the 2nd Amendment.

In what turned out to be a stunning defeat for gun owners in Wisconsin’s Senate District 10, a GOP stronghold, this could possibly be a sign of things to come later this year.

If gun owners are not prepared, and do not dig in deep to fight in the 2018 elections, we could end up losing the large pro-gun majority we have in Boise right now.

That means we need your help right away — more on that in a minute.

Why does the Wisconsin State Senate election matter to Idahoans?

Understand that the seat that was lost last night was one of the reddest in Wisconsin. It had been held by Republicans for 17 years!

Donald Trump won the District in 2016 by over 17 percentage points. The Republicans lost last night by 9 percentage points.

That is a shift of 26 percentage points in just a year and a half!

And now Michael Bloomberg and his anti-gun zealots are licking their chops.

They smell the blood in the water.

If they can win in one of the reddest parts of Wisconsin, they believe they can win anywhere — including Idaho!

This was not the first sign that Republicans might be in trouble in the 2018 election season.

You see, first there was the stunning defeat they suffered in the Virginia elections.

However, Republicans ignored the defeat by saying, “Virginia is already turning blue.” A lame excuse for a lackluster effort at the polls.

Then there was the crushing defeat they suffered in the Alabama special election.

They shrugged that loss off by saying, “Roy Moore just wasn’t a good candidate.” In Alabama, the Republicans should have been able to run any candidate and won.

It was another poor excuse for a devastating defeat.

And now a Democrat, who is likely to join her anti-gun colleagues in stopping Constitutional Carry in Wisconsin, just defeated a pro-gun Assemblyman in Adam Jarchow.


Complacency by pro-gun voters cost them a crucial seat in their Senate.

Gun owners everywhere need to understand the gravity of this situation.

We are pushing hard for Stand-Your-Ground and Castle Doctrine in Idaho because Idaho’s self-defense laws are not as strong as they need to be.

We are able to do that because of the large pro-gun majority that exists. But keep in mind that Republicans have not always held this large of a majority in Idaho.

It would be unwise to assume it will be around forever.

If the election last night is any indication of what is to come in November of this year, our pro-gun majority could slip away, or we may end up with a Governor who isn’t pro-2nd Amendment.

And that’s why last nights election should be the jolt that gun owners need to get off their butts, and get out to the polls in May and November.

We have heard it all too often from gun owners in recent weeks.

“Idaho will be red for years to come.”

“Donald Trump is President. No need to worry about the 2nd Amendment.”

Those sentiments and others are preventing gun owners from recognizing the tidal wave of gun grabbing candidates that are coming this year.

That’s why you have to act now!

We need you to stand with us and help us expose the gun grabbers in these elections, or they will continue winning elections, even in Idaho.

First, please consider donating $100, $50, or even just $25 today to help us with our election program!

Your donations help us run an election program that will expose gun grabbing politicians on both sides of the isle.

Additionally, your donations help us mobilize more gun owners across the state and wake them up to the potential losses we might face this year.

Second, please make sure you are following us on Facebook.


Information moves quickly and Facebook is often the quickest way for us to get you the information you need.

Time is running out ladies and gentlemen.

With the stunning defeat gun owners suffered last night in Wisconsin, we can’t afford to sit back and hope Idaho stays as pro-2nd Amendment as it is.

The elections are just around the corner, and we need your help now more than ever.

In Freedom,


Greg Pruett

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. Wisconsin’s special election last night for a State Senator should be a warning sign to all Idaho’s gun owners.

The seat that was lost by the Republicans had been held since 2001 and was never considered to be a contested race, but the Republicans suffered a massive defeat last night.

That’s why we can’t go to sleep on our duties as a voting bloc.

We have to stay actively engaged, and that means we have to expose gun grabbers at the polls.

Help the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance educate voters on where their candidate stands by donating $100, $50, or $25 today.

Thank you!